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What is the best wheel set to buy?

Im looking at getting some new wheels for my roadbike, but don't know what wheelset would be best to get. I'm looking for a lightweight wheel strong and at a resonable price, say around £250 or under. Thanks.

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    I've recommended these wheels several times as an excellent value: Xero xr1.

    They are light, well made and cheap at $230 or so. (well under 200 pounds) They are available on EBay and many on-line bike shops.

    Here's a couple links:

    I threw a pair my friend has on my bike for a test ride. They are fast, fairly stiff and look nice too. My bud road them all season without any truing - he loves 'em. And at about 1550 grams are very light for the price.


    The Aksium wheels are very well made, bulletproof and cheap too. The down side is they are pretty heavy. If weight isn't an issue they are a great general road wheel.

    The EA70 wheels, I haven't used but they just fit your budget and are faily light. Easton and Mavic both make excellent products.

    Also, check these M28 sl & R28 Neuvation wheels: I haven't used them but have heard good things about them.

    I think all these wheels are worth consideration.

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    The Easton AXR Road Bike Wheelset is a must buy if you're a fan of performance and swagger. Put these wheels on your bike and you'll be pounding out training miles and slamming any terrain in your way. These wheels are fricken INCREDIBLE. There are 20 spokes on each wheel, increasing stiffness and durability. All this is inside an alluminum alloy, lightweight rim making you feel like you're riding on air. Some competors may argue that this set of wheels is too light and will not be very durable. However, the multiple spokes and strong rim make the set of wheels extremely durable. I highly recommend the Easton Road Bike Wheels to all consumers. These wheels are a fantastic product all together. These bad boys will fricken make you feel like fricken Marry Poppins riding out of a cloud. These things will give you so much confidence you'll have Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez on you like butter on toast. BUY THESE WHEELS!

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    Good idea. Upgrading your wheels is likely to be the most cost effective way to increase performance on your bike.

    It's been 25 years since I have ridden on anything but a Mavic wheel. My current bike has Aksium wheels which have performed very well at about half the price you've budgeted. An upgrade, probably within your budget, is the low end of the Ksyrium series.

    Mavic has performed extremely well for me, but that doesn't mean that I haven't investigated other wheel sets. Lately the one that seems to intrigue me as worth consideration is the Easton EA70. Again, they would probably be within your budget.


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    yeah a pair of EA70 wheels or a good pair shimano wheels are good also. you may want to look on ebay as you might find a pair of ksyrium wheels in you price range

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