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No Gears 2 for PC huh,f-ing Epic Games and MS?

Why the f... this a..holes in MS and Epic Games won't bring Gears 2 for the PC I mean c'mon I know it's not cool to download things(or Pirate) but some of us let's say ME because I'm in a sh...hole country Bulgaria and in My town there is not even one f-ing game shop.Even if i go to another town there is but the prices are out of this world I mean come on Half-Life 2 for PC is 100 leva/s that's 50 euros and around 60 or 70$ and this game has come out from 2 years.Crysis don't even say about Gears of War 1 because they are both around 170 leva/s or 85 euros and 110$ i don't know for sure but sometimes we just HAVE to pirate a game to play it.And for this need they are screwing us all.

I know someone will call me an idiot or moron or poor because I can't afford a game but I did afford games I'm just not filthy rich to always buy this games why did they do this.

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    I think Epic is just being childishly stubborn/stupid about it. Look at every other PC release in existence (even PC-exclusive releases, like Crysis and Crysis Warhead). Do THEY care about piracy? No, they're too busy making money...

    Epic doesn't have its head on straight. Not releasing Gears 2 for PC has been causing them to lose their image. With their current mentality, never will be they be like Valve, the PC kings right now.

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