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Museums in Southern California?

What are some museums in Southern California a 9-year-old may find interesting? We've already been to LACMA, The Getty, The Natural History Museum and the Science Center.

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  • Erika
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    Depends. Girl or boy?

    My 9 yr old daughter loves Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana, La Habra Children's Museum, Orange County Museum of Art and Bowers Museum.

    My 8 year old son loves Ft. McArthur in San Pedro, Maritime Museum in San Pedro, Peterson Automobile, Cabrillo marine...Travel town (free) & Gene Autry both in Grifith Park.

    I love the Gene Autry Museum & it's really great if you have more than one child. They have Panning for gold on Saturday mornings (included in price). They have a great children's room with clothing to try on, playhouse & play chinese resturaunt.

    McArthur & Maritime...both are donations only & are right down the street from each other. This is great if you have a boy that gets restless...There is a great park right by maritime that my kids love. It has the Koreon Friendship Bell & the most amazing view...great to fly kites after you visit the museums. (It gets windy!)

    Source(s): Myself...mother of 4.
  • Greco
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    Here's a list with links to web sites of museums in Los Angeles area. The Autry Museum and Travel town, Queen Mary ocean liner which are on the list. Go to a filming of Price is Right, the Hollywood sign. The view there is terrific. The LA Zoo. The San Juan Capistrano mission when the swallows return, the Santa Barbara mission.

    The Farmers market

    Some of the suggestions are just places I enjoyed when I was a kid and a trip to Los Angeles was special. This was before Disneyland.

  • Anonymous
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    The Museum of Tolerance.

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    9 year olds want to go the the Peterson Auto Museum and see the Batmobile and Ferraris and famous movie cars.....and then go across the street and see giant woolly mammoths at the Le Brea Tar Pits...

    Source(s): I was 9 once !!!!!
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  • tcmae
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    Try the new Grammy Museum that opened up in LA Live.

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    you should go to bowers and discovery science center. they are in santa ana. my school does field trips there a lot for science.

  • Anonymous
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    MOLAA in long beach

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