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I have to give an example of civilizations clashing in one form?

I chose the former Soviet Republic Kazakhstan. There religion is Islam, there writing is Cyrillic, and seem to haven a central asian appearance

like Mongolia or Chinese.

So where did the appearance, religion, and writing come into the culture?

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    I am from Kazakhstan.

    That is an interesting question, because I myself think the same.

    Let's first talk about appearance

    Kazakhs are descendant of Turkish tribes. About 530Bc on now known land of Kazakhstan lived a nation of Saks. They were nomads. Also, there was a big clash between them and the Persian Emperor Cyrus, in which Tomyrus, the woman-leader, of the saks won, but lost her son. After that there was an age of Huns.First on now known land of Mongolia, lived famous leader Atilla the Hun. If you know he conquered all countries from Germany to Mongolia, and was very feared by Roman Empire. He nearly conquered Roman Empire, but was defeated in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. During that time in the first century, Huns in Mongolia were moving to Europe. and their trip went through Kazakhstan. There they married, and settled, and lived. After that, there is an age of Genghis-Chan. By the official historical version Genghis-Chan "invaded" Kazakhstan, and made the biggest tribes Naimans, Kipchaks, Kereys, and others to join his army. The other thery says, that Genghis-Chan was in fact kazakh, himself, and was claimed as a king by kazakh tribes. Whatever the right version is, Genghis-Chan separated the land of Kazakhstan into four parts, each of ones he gave to his 4 sons, from his 1st wife Borte. After, that those four parts were combined, with Siberia, Mongolia, and Easter Europe to create a big empire called "Altin Orda", or a "Golen Horde". So Kazakhstan, is nothing more than a remnant of that gigantic Empire, that last for almost 400 years.


    The traditional religion of kazakhs in Tengrianstvo, it says that the "Mighty Sky" is the Lord, and they believed that life on Earth came from the highest mountain in Kazakhstan called Chan-Tengri. Then about the 8th century Buddhism was born in Kazakhstan. There are some ruined temples still left there. It is interesting to notice that Buddhism was brought to China from Kazakhstan, as it says so in the Shanghai religious museum, that I visited last year. Then in about 16th century, Muslim missionaries from Middle East, were telling their religion, and that is when Islam was used. However, you must notice, that as Kazakhs are nomads, our religion is different from the one that Muslim countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, e.t.c have. Kazakhs believed that one should not follow the rules in the Koran word for word, but he must analyze it. Koran shouldn't be your life, it should help you with your life that was Kazakhs moto. Just for a fact, there were two Islam holy wars against Kazakhs by the Sheibanids, they said, that Kazakhs are barbarians. However, they were crushed by Kazakhs and their nation now disappeared. Kazakhs do not eat pork, because you cannot pasture them. Also, women wear head covering, not because it says in Koran to do so, but because it is hygienic, so women hair does not get into food. Same with circumcision,, and other religious related activities.


    Traditionally, Kazakhs used runes to write, like vikings. However, when Islam came into use, we began to use Arabic writing. In 19-20th century during the colonization by Russia, it was popular for kids to learn Russian, and writing, as Russia was more advanced in Science and Culture. Now Kazakh language uses Cyrillic writing, because even though Kazakhstan got it's independence in 1991, still depends on Russia, so if we change our writing to Latin for example, Moscow, will perceive it as a negative symbol.

    I told you all i know on this subject. Kazakhs are an interesting nation, because even though we look like Chinese, and have Islam like Middle East, we are still more close to Russian human nature, as we bounded together during long years of collaboration.

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    The writing they got from the Soviet in 1940. I am not sure of the religion.

    With the appearance, the country was settled by nomadic tribes and they had mongols come in there. Then when Stalin was in rule in Russia, many Russians moved there.

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