A-level Chem有關solution colour

問題: Fe(NO3)3 (aq) is added to KI (aq) a brown solution is

formed. 我就唔明,Fe 3+ is reduced to Fe 2+ while I-

is oxidized to form iodine,咁個resulting solution 應該有

Fe 2+(green) and iodine (brown)。咁個resulting colour

應該係 green + brown 的混合色,咁點解會係brown呢?

(al 97 paper 1 2c (i)) 。類似問題仲有2000 paper1 4a (ii)等


咁即係話,如果個resulting solution 出咗兩隻有colour 的ions ,個

resulting colour 係決定於較深色果隻顏色。但假設如果resulting solution 出咗兩隻ions 分別為yellow and blue,咁係咪緑色呢?

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  • Jacob
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    1 decade ago
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    因為 Fe2+其實係淺綠色,即係pale green,


    咁因為brown深色過pale green,


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