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個問題有啲難問, 因為唔識加圖表達問題, 希望盡我所能。

問題係平時如果我想將sheet2入面A1嗰行跟住Sheet1A1嗰行黎轉的話, 我就喺Sheet 2 A1行打=Sheet 1 A1, 咁只要我喺Sheet 1 A1打咩 Sheet 2 A1就會自動咁跟住改, 我就唔駛copy & paste啦。

但係如果我想將Sheet 2移到第二個file, 但係我想佢o既A1 嗰行係跟返第二個file Sheet 1 A1內容轉, 而唔係繼續跟舊File sheet 1 o既 A1有咩辦法?? 因為我試就咁移走佢, 但係佢只會跟舊file, 如果我一delet左舊file, 咁嗰張sheet 就會全部行數都變成'ref'咁o既字眼。

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After you copy yr worksheet to a new file. All the formula is still referenced to your old file. Once you delete the file, it will become "#Ref" as you mentioned. My way is to use "Find and Replace" function (Ctrl + H) to replace all the old file name to new file name before delete your old file. Hope it can help.

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  • 1 decade ago



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  • EXCEL 係蠢的 佢只會跟你本身入既FORMULA 黎行

    即係你係本來既Sheet 2 打左係想要=sheet1既a1 所以sheet2 a1果格formuala會係(=Sheet1!A1) 因為 你copy佢去冰度 都會係呢條formula 要改就要直接開個張sheet 等於你新file sheet1 嗯嗯 唔知你明唔明我講咩 哈哈~

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