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    1. Receptionist 接待員(R)

    2. Traveler 旅客(T)

    3. Bell boy 侍應生(B)

    R : Hello,this is Hilton Hotel,may I help you?

    T : Yes,May I reserve a room?

    R : Of course. What kind of room would you like to reserve?

    T : I want a single room with bath.

    R : All right. We have two rates of the charge. One is 40 dollars,the

    other is 50 dollars.

    T : Well, 40 dollars will be O.K.

    R : O.K. May I have your name,Please?

    T : Jane-jane Wang.

    R : Thank you. Here's your key, and your room No. is 1551.

    The Bell boy will take your baggages and show you to your


    T : On which floor?

    R : It's on the 15th floor...It's an outside room facing the street.

    T : Good, and does it has a private bath?

    R : Yes, plus a TV set and refrigerator.

    T : What about the price?

    R : Excluding the tax and service charge, it's 40 dollars a day.

    T : I don't suppose you have anything cheaper.

    R : I'm afraid not, Pepole wouldn't think so, we're booked solid

    right now.

    T : really! O.K. Thanks.

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    B : This way, Please.

    Here we are. This is your room.

    T : It is a nice room, isn't it?

    B : I hope you'll enjoy your stay at our hotel.

    T : Where is the closet for my clothes?

    B : Here it is.

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    T : Oh, yes. Another thing - does the room door lock by itself?

    B : Yes. So please remember to take the door key with you whenever

    you leave the room.

    T : How do I call Room service?

    B : Dial No. 7. Here is the list of phone number for all kinds of services.

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    T : Oh, I see. Well, I still have another thing - the room temprature could

    be regulated?

    B : You may turn the switch on the wall.

    T : Okey. Thank you. Here is you are.

    B : Thank you. I hope you have a pleasant stay.

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