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    實習 = internship


    Dear Mr. _________:

    I am a junior at National Taiwan University working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a focus in Criminal Justice. I am seeking an internship for the summer of 2009, and while researching opportunities in the field of juvenile criminal justice, I found your program listing internship opportunities for the fall 2009 semester on the Department of Justice website. I am writing to inquire about possible internship opportunities with the Taipei County Family Court in the upcoming months of May through August 2009. I seek an internship primarily for experience, and am therefore flexible with both internship responsibilities and compensation.

    My background and coursework have supplied me with many skills, as well as an understanding of common issues with the adolescent community. A few examples of my experience include:

    • Courses in sociology and social work, criminology, and business computing

    • Summer work as a hotline assistant for a local intervention center, involving peer counseling for teenagers about personal concerns with referrals to appropriate professional services

    • Active involvement at National Taiwan University as a Student Counselor, which requires me to establish rapport with undergraduate students and advise them on personal matters, as well as university policies

    My enclosed resume provides additional details about my background and experience. I may be reached at 0912345678 or with any questions or comments regarding my inquiry. If I have not heard from you by December 30, 2008, I will contact you at the email address listed on your website to discuss any summer internships possibilities with your organization.


    X Y Z

    Source(s): Hope College web site (
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