Is 7.5mg of Vicodin to much for a 17 year old 140 pounds?

How much is to much for someone that age?

I'm just wondering because my friend asked me

so is 7.5mg to much

if so how much should they take?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow, that first answer was from a reliable source! "Popping Vicodin"?

    If you "popped" 2000mh as claimed, you'd be dead. Period.

    7.5mg IS a stiff dose even for a grown adult. They should take Vicodin as prescribed.

    Source(s): surgical PA
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lollllll no.

    i used to pop vicodin when i was 15 and i was like 120 pounds, i still am cause that was only a couple months ago and i'm 16 now but that's besides the point. i'd take like 2000mg of it at a time and i was fine (; i dont recommend doing that though if you've never taken it before cause it will make you really sick =x all pain meds do if you take too much at one time without ever taking it before. you'll be fine at 7.5mgs, dont even worry.

    Source(s): me, bytch :F
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