Is it the Cola or the caffeine that causes bladder infections?

I drink soft drinks almost non stop and sometimes I get severe bladder infections with aches, pains and as they say on TV ads, urgency and frequency. A few days of water and/or cranberry juice cures it. I was wondering if it was the cola itself or the caffeine that causes the bladder infection? In other words would drinking excessive iced tea or coffee also cause it and would drinking non-caffeine drinks not cause it?

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    1 decade ago
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    Caffeine and Soda do not cause bladder infections, however they can provoke an already existing infection. If you are having frequent bladder infections you should speak with your doctor as you may be having the same one that settles down and then flares up. Bladder infections left not treated properly can lead to further complications. Bladder infections are caused by bacteria entering the urethra. This can be cause by fecal matter (If you wipe from the back to the front), improper washing of the area (especially after sex) and not urinating when you need to or after sex. I know this probably sounds gross, but those are the causes. Sometimes it just happens tho. I've had one and I do all of these things.

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