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how many shootings a day are there in america?

in the us on an average day how many shootings do you think there are or know there are. im guessing about 30, am i ridicously low, about right or even high (wouldnt think so). thanks.

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    You're very close to the correct figure for homicides by firearms.

    According to this web site, there were 17,000 homicides in the US in 2007:

    According to this web site, about 68% of homicides are committed with firearms:

    That means there are about 11,600 homicides by firearms per year in the US, or about 32 per day.

    This figure doesn't include non-fatal shootings, or suicides by firearms. According to the following, there are about 75,000 non-fatal shootings per year (both deliberate and accidental) and about 17,000 suicides with firearms per year:

    (Interestingly, the majority of deaths by firearms are self-inflicted.)

    Altogether, that's an average of 284 people killed or injured by firearms every day.

    We can take this figure of 284 per day and multiply it by the number of days in a typical lifespan of 76 years, and the result is 7.9 million. Since the current US population is about 300 million, that means that the average person has a 2.6% chance of being injured or killed by firearms over the course of a lifetime.

    Homicide figures vary with time. In 1991, the rate was about twice as high as it is now. Over the last 100 years, the homicide rate has mostly been in a relatively narrow range of 5 to 10 killings per 100,000 people per year, and it is currently in the low end of that range.

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    Too many because I know. I wish people would start treating others better and be more responsible. This country and the world even need lots of prayer.

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