Im 21 weeks pregnant and against abortion. When i was a teen i made the mistake of becoming sexually active, my parents founf out and my mom and i had 'the talk'. She asked me what i would do if i got pregnant and i told her i would have an abortion. So she got ahold of some pictures of aborted babies lying in heaps in dumpsters and showed me. Horrified i quickly changed my mind. Recently i have been in the pregnancy section of yahoo answers and there are alot of girls and women asking how to and should i abort etc. Do you think its wrong that i post a link with my answer showing a horrifyingly graphic video of aborted babies? If so then why?


I said when i was a teen. I am 31 years old, have a 14 month old daughter and in a great relationship and engaged to be married to the father of both this spring. Here is the link if anybody cares to see what exactly it is i am posting to make the reality of what they might be deciding to do more real. WARNING! It is very graphic, showing dead babies from very small to what looks like almost full term and shows some of them as they are coming out. My daughter was born weighing 1lb 5oz she was 2 mnths premature, has heart defects due to her Down Syndrome which is a chromosone defect and i had placental insufficiency all contributed to her being small, and she survived out of the womb. Some of these babies look like she did, and some even are bigger than she was. Any way here is the link hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BYX4VPNLLo

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Update 2:

I respect mostly everybodies opinion here except the second guy and superatheist, theyre idiots. Thanks everybody for answering. 21 supporting me out of 36 isnt bad, its the majority that rules out. God bless all of you.

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    Then its wrong to show dead people of wars, dead people of holocausts, and hospital victims on Oprah. EVERY tv shows always says "Please dont look if you find this disturbing" They arent allowed to stop the show.

    On line, its better because they dont have to hit the link button if they dont want to do they?

    If you limit free speech in one area, it harms it in another immediately.

    That's why Yahoo Answers doesn't knock the atheists off the religion section, even though sometimes Id rather not read it. But mainly, I enjoy different views, even if I dont like them or want to always read them.

    heres a link- you can hit or not.


    But that's your choice.

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    When I was living in northern california, I changed to a new babysitter for my kids. I had to pass an abortion clinic on my way there every day. And every day there was a group of people standing in front of the building holding huge posters with these kinds of pictures. My kids were horrified, my oldest was having nightmares and I had to find a new sitter to avoid these freaks.

    No, I do not believe that you should post pictures like this in the pregnancy section. A) pregnant women who are not planning abortion may see these and be very disturbed and anguished, B) the girl considering abortion is obviously already struggling with a very difficult situation and this would make it worse, and C), offering support, empathy and love would go much farther in helping those girls than horrible graphic images. You may not always know why she wants an abortion. What if her brother or father has raped her, and she's afraid of the baby being genetically wrong? What if she'd been doing drugs in the first trimester and could have hurt the fetus already and doesn't want to continue injuring it? (drugs are a very potent addiction, not every women is going to be able to just stop because she's pregnant, no matter how much she may want to) What if the father is a horribly violent person and she's afraid that having the baby would mean it was going to be abused horribly as well? This is the tip of the ice burg of reasons why a woman may choose this. Who are you or anyone to judge someone's choice? I think if you want to help, be a friend, open their eyes to options they may not have known about, or just know that you made a different choice and be done with it.

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  • I think you should post it with a warning ahead of time. If these girls are old enough to be having sex, then they should be old enough to deal with the responsibility and emotional damage which an abortion would produce. These girls are going to get "sanitized" literature from planned parenthood calling the murder a "procedure" or some clean, nondescript term. Point out to them that the life of the baby is more important than their "right to exercise a choice". Show them in detail what will happen to the baby and describe how the baby will be murdered. The more people in this country who see what abortion does, then the more people will bring a stop to abortion.

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    You know amy .....Making a decision with your head firmly buried in the sand .. only looking for answers that will support what you want to hear and the seemingly easy way out is exactly how you convince 50 million women to kill the equivalent of the populations of 10 average size states ..lets just start out our day killing every living soul mom dad kids grandma etc .. in ohio .. and indiana , Kentucky, tenn georgia alabama maryland ,colorado ,oklahoma,iowa and south carolina ...50 million dead is why people won't ever get a social security check from the gov... they've killed an entire generation of people ...not to mention the children they would be having too...50 million is like waking up tomorrow and hearing that they just nuked the entire eastern seaboard of the united states and shrugging your shoulders ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDtUqImGjeg

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    &feature=user I figured if I didn't have the guts to sit down and watch a 9 minute video of something I thought I didn't want to see ... but felt I had no right to even have an opinion unless I did ...i'm glad I watched it .. it's not graphic but ..it did make me cry ..

    Source(s): No one is disputing anyones right to choose .. we all have a right to choose to walk across the street and murder everyone in the house and make coffee..women just like men have the right to kill ,rape and pillage .. we as society ought to be doing our part to withstrain evil and immoral impulses ...i want your stuff why can't I kill you ?? I want to go to college before I start a family why can't I kill you..No one knows about it so why can't i kill freely ... I look at it this way .. uneducated 14 year old girls have babies and raise them alone .. they do it day in and day out .. what's your excuse again ??
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    There is nothing wrong being educated about the procedure. Recomending that a young woman check about a page that will discribe the medical side so that she is making an educated decision is not wrong. In a situation such as this a woman has the right to decide what to do, but I believe that with that right also comes a responsibility to know both sides of the argument and weigh the concequences with her life situation.

    In the case of the health of the mother vs. health of the child the mother wins out. I believe that people should not use abortion to get rid of healthy "accident babies"... if the mother's health is not at risk and the child is unlikely to have severe health issues than I see it as murder. But I also believe people should be allowed to think and make up their own minds.

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    Is this video from a pro-life source, where they take pictures of babies that died of natural means, and lie about how old they really were, and how they died, in order to trick people into thinking that is how all abortions look?

    You can answer with your opinion, but I think resorting to graphics is sick and deceitful. Women considering abortion are often in desperate and difficult positions, and shoving those horrible pictures at them in the hopes of scaring them to your way of thinking is disgusting.

    I respect your opinions, but I do not respect your methods.

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    Ok, So I will get personal here.

    I am a Christian and I believe that abortion is wrong. However, I had an abortion at age 15. I can honestly tell you that pictures would not have made a difference.

    What would have made a difference would have been if someone had spoken to me about God's love and his love for the child I was carrying. Someone to tell me that their is help out there and people to talk to. Christian organizations to help me with keeping my baby and being a support system.

    Please do not show anyone those graphic pictures. Direct them to CareNet



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    I do believe that abortion is wrong. To me it's murder. From the time of conception I believe that it's a living soul. According to the Bible the Lord knows us before we are ever formed in our mothers womb.

    No, I don't think it's wrong to post a link to your answer. It is truly a horrible & graphic thing that happens when a woman chooses to do this. It's really an eye opener when you actually see what happens to an unborn child when it's aborted. I believe if more girls & women knew what happens to that child in the process of an abortion, then they might just change their minds about having one.


    Aashiq - what exactly happens to legally aborted babies? They too are still killed - right?

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    Yes it is because they are just looking for information and you are trying to influence their answer because of your beliefs. Every person has their own opinion and can make their own decisions that would be the best for their own. Since you already sent the link there is nothing you can do but at least next time don't try to shove your beliefs down somebody elses throat.

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    i think of we ought to continually provide of project for infant to be born. Human and animals alike.. nature have a thank you to regulate them (particularly for animals). i've got not got a puppy atm, yet there are a team of stray cats in my complicated that help to regulate the rat inhabitants (and lizard, they each and every now and then consume them).

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