free online school for oklahoma?

are there any for oklahoma because i saw one that said it was free fo florida and so there must be one for oklahoma


im in seventh grade

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, schools are run on the state level, so just because there's one for Florida doesn't mean there's one for Oklahoma.

    There is a free public online charter in Oklahoma, but it's for grades 9-12 only. Here's the website: Enrollment is closed for this year, but you can apply in the spring of your 8th grade year for 9th grade.

    Honestly, there are tons of resources open to homeschool kids in OK, many more than the online charter offers. If you're anywhere near Tulsa or OKC, co op classes and homeschool groups abound. You can pretty much name what you'd like to take or get involved in and jump right in. (These groups and classes exist outside of Tulsa and OKC as well, but are a bit more difficult to find.)

    Source(s): Homeschool mom in OK
  • 1 decade ago

    I checked the 2 main companies that offer virtual charters, and neither is available in OK

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