power politics and corruption in hamlet?

How does hamlet interplay between power, politics, and corruption?

please give some examples from the play.

thanksss :]

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    politics: "royal family"

    power: Claudius is after the role of King from his brother Hamlet SR

    corruption: Claudius poisons Hamlet SR, marries the widow to become king, when hamlet (JR) realizes what has happened he is determined to make claudius pay. In the mean time Ophelia and her father are killed or die (respectively). In order to "keep hamlet (jr) quiet, Claudius tells Leonidas (ophelia's brother) things that cause his anger toward hamlet to grow. now Leonidas wants to kill hamlet and *coincidentally* Claudius sets up fencing match between leonidas & hamlet. Leonidas' Sword? has poison on the tip to make sure it really kills hamlet, claudius also has back-up poisoned drink that will surely kill hamlet. anyway in the end Gertrude (widow/hamlets mom/claudius' wife) ends up drinking the drink & dying. Hamlet kills Claudius. Leonidas dies. Hamlet dies too.

    SOooo corruption: everyone dies becuase of Claudius' jealousy and desire to be king

    was that long?

    there's a really good hamlet movie it has ken branaugh, robin williams, kate winslet, rent it definately helps understand the whole story!

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    From Shmoop Lit/Hamlet

    Hamlet, more than almost any character in literature, hates deception and craves honesty. It is one of the brilliant ironies of the play that Hamlet, an absolutist in his quest for truth, is trapped in a seamy political world where deception is a necessary part of life and political "spin" rules the day.

    From the play:


    O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!

    My tables,—meet it ... is I set it down,

    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain;

    Atleast I'm sure it may be so in Denmark:


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