Tips on memorizing the spelling, part of speech, word origin, and definition of 20 words?

Ok so my Pre-AP english teacher gives us 20 words a week and we have to know the spelling, part of speech, word origin, and definition of the words.

Example :

avert - to turn away or aside [Latin. ā- from + vertere turn]

We are given 60 words in all on a sheet of paper (1 week = 20 words so 60 words over 3 weeks) and at the end of the 3 weeks, we study all the words and take a test on them.

I seem to have trouble memorizing everything and the highest grade I got was an 85 on the quiz. Usually my average every week on them is between 60 and 80. Any tips on memorizing 20 words a week and then all 60 over 3 weeks? I tried flash cards but it didn't help.

Heres his website and the old words we were given :

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    make mnemonics ... turn the words into story's. like Avert

    let say your a fan of Obama

    As obama averted mccain as he approached him.

    or my favorite technique CHUNKING.

    memorize 10 words at a time and do it 6x. this works because of lets say phone numbers.

    if a number was like 8589654789 it would be really hard to remember.. so people CHUNK It .. and do it like this 858-965-4789 see what i mean?

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