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my mum wont let me use tampons?

im 14 and have had my period for 2 years.

But my mum doesn't want me to use tampons (although im already using them) she thinks if i use tampons i wont be a virgin any more.

what do u think i should do?

talk to my mum about it or just use them with out telling or wat??

(my sister started using the about my age except her step mum let her use them.)


uh no im australian and im not in a religion

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    This is the sort of thing that is a personal choice, its not very fair that your mum is trying to decide something like this for you!

    It sound like your mum also needs to go back to sex education classes.... If she had any idea on the subject she would know that you ARE a virgin right until the point that you are penetrated by a penis NOT a tampon! Even if you break your hymen inserting a tampon you are STILL a virgin, no body can take that away from you until you are ready!!

    Seen as you are already using them you should just tell her that you are more comfortable with them and you’d appreciate if she respected the choice. If she complains just tell her you’ll use them either way and you’d rather her knw then keep something from her.’

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    Using a tampon doesn't make you not a virgin. I can't believe that a grown woman would think that. That's just plain ignorant. Having SEX makes you not a virgin. You should tell your mom that virginity isn't a physical thing. In fact, buy a box of tampons and show her the instructions page. It says right on it that if you use tampons you are still a virgin. At least Tampax and Playtex do. Look at this site and show it to your mom:

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    Well if you're already using them, then why not just be honest and tell her? She's eventually going to find out. As for you not being a virgin anymore if you wear a tampon, that's just a myth. A stupid one at that. A lot of people think that, but it's not true.

    Like I said, tell your Mum. It's easier than trying to hide the truth. Explain to her why you use them and what not. Sit down with her and talk about the different types of tampons and why she doesn't want you to wear them besides the myth.

    Source(s): Have had my period now for 12yrs.
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    rotfl THAT HILARIOUS i am 14 and currently on my second period EVER and i have been using tampons since day one of my first because i think that pads are annoying and visible ad get all uncomfortable. Is it your religion or something. Well if i were you i would come home from school one day and pretend to be really upset because some guy made fun of you for being on your period because he saw the outline of the pad then your mom will probably get mad at the guy for looking at your *** and get sympathetic for you and maybe act really upset and the next time you have to go to school when you are on your period try to let your mom let you skip ad when she asks why tell her that you don't want anyone to see your pad..... just a suggestion.

    Hey are you like british or something cause you are saying mum instead of mom i am from iowa so as american of an accent as you can get

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    Using tampons does not change the fact that you're a virgin. Having sex does.

    If you like using tampons, use them. You can buy them on your own if you have to. It's not like you're buying liquor; there's no age restriction on tampons.

    Good luck. Hope your mother becomes a little more understanding.

  • Anonymous
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    Does your mom understand that you are a virgin until you have SEX.

    Tampons don't make you lose your virginity. How stupid it is to think that!

    Tell her you choose to use tampons because they will be easier than pads or whatever, and more sanitary.

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    Show her the insert in the tampon box that explains how tampons won't take your virginity/get lost/etc.

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    You should talk to your mother about it. Tampons don't make you lose your virginity. Only sex will do that. If you continue to use them, just be careful. They have been known to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome which can be fatal.

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    you should tell her

    when you are talking to her about it make sure to bring up that your sister started when she was your age

    you will still be a virgin

    your only not when a penis enters your vVirgina


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    Well you have to understand that sometimes using tampons can break your hymen.........i suggest that you should use pads just for your mom's sake. You can also talk with your mom about it to see what she says but to make her be quiet............use pads.

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