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What is the best plan for retirement if my wife and I are starting right now at 30 yrs. old?

We are also in the national guard and are eligible for the Thrift Savings Plan. I have heard that that is very good but don't want to jump into anything.

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  • Vee
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    1 decade ago
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    You should definitely consult a professional. If you are banking with USAA, then call up their investment advisers, they don't work for profit - they can guide you in the right direction. You should contribute to your TSP, as this is a wonderful investment, based upon your retirement date, as I'm sure you know. You should also max out your Roth IRA every year ($5,000) for you as well as one for your wife.

    The more you can put away now, the faster your retirement savings will grow.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jump into ANYTHING. Start today. As you get more knowledge you can always fix or refine your plan.

    Look for any tax advantages you qualify for, including IRA, Roth, whatever. Then invest in non-tax advantaged things. Start with savings or CD's and when you have $15k put aside start thinking about other things like stocks. It takes time to learn, and don't make life-critical decisions based on advice from children here on Yahoo.

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