Jobs involving either tourism or traveling anyone?

i love to travel and i love history so im thinking maybe i would like to be a tour guide somewhere when im older. im wondering if anyone knows if any schooling is required or if these jobs are hard to find or get. thanks.

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    Cruise lines are good possibilities. Another is wholesale tour operators. They use 'agents' who sell tour packages to travel agencies, who in turn sell the tours to travel consumers.

    Now here's the really cool part. Travel agents and wholesale tour agents have one of the best benefits you can imagine. In the travel industry, it's believed that the best way for travel agents and wholesale agents to sell tour packages to their customers is for them to go on the tours themselves. What better way to sell than to have already taken the trip? These are generally called "Fams." Short for "Familiarization Tours." The best part? They cost the agents nothing. Zip. Nada. How cool is that?

    Not sure about any educational requirements other than a HS diploma. An Associate's certainly wouldn't hurt. You do need to be an 'up' kind of person, smiley, desire to be helpful, and able to pay attention to details. There is some selling to this, but it's very low key, low pressure selling - and it's not to the consumer. It's to travel agencies. Once you start taking tours yourself, that selling will come naturally, whether or not you're a 'sales type.' Most of the work is done by phone.

    Last cool thing about this type of job; now that you're inside the industry, you're taking all these wonderful Fams and sending people off to wonderful, exotic places. You are also meeting and making many contacts which you can use to network your way into other opportunities.

    Good Luck.

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    4 years ago

    apart from the two you have suggested approximately all this is left is being a rep. each and every of the jobs are long hours, no longer common artwork and extremely poorly paid, you ought to have a re think of because of the fact glamorous jobs travelling the international do no longer exist.

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    Why not consider working on a cruise ship, it can be great fun, you see some great places and sometimes can even earn good money doing it!

    Source(s): 3 years as a Stage Manager for Carnival Cruise Lines.
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