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Chemistry (Highschool) vs Biology (High school)?

Hi, I'm taking either 1st year chemistry or 1st year Biology soon and I'm really good at math. I usually am in the top 3 in my class in Honors math. Which subject has less math in it? Also, which subject is more fun/interesting (By the way I don't mind dissections)?

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    Biology would be best. It has little to no math at all AND you get to dissect things. Chemistry is pretty much ALL math but it's not a big deal if ur great in math! I'm in the 11th grade and I haven't dissected (the best part!) anything since 9th grade when I took Biology. It was great for me but would've been better if I didn't have a sucky teacher lol. Hope I helped!!

    Source(s): Experience! =]
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    High School Chemistry requires only basic 7th grade algebra, and the most math intensive part of it would probably be stoichiometry. Even college level general chemistry requires 9th grade algebra for titration and rate law problems. You only deal with advanced mathematics in chemistry when you reach physical chemistry (a university junior level course), which requires DiffyQ and a strong command of calculus.

    High School Biology is essentially College Biology without all the chemistry. A fairly easy course that requires almost no math, perhaps except for hardy-weinberg equations which is basic 7th grade algebra again.

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    I think you should take Biology first cause it's easy......i am taking biology it's so easy....all you have to do on the test is remember those biology that's what i did and i got 100% on 5 tests and quizes....and my grade is 105% (A) so take biology first but if u don't have a lot of hard class like just elective class then take chemestry but if u have a lot of hard classes that u are planning to take then take Biology.....biology and chemestry doesn't involve in math just physics. By the way just want to say that u are very smart too top 3 huh! hard so u could get the highest grade in the class ok...i have highest grades in all of my classes and i am proud of myself!

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    bio uses less math!

    i took biology in 10th grade and it was fun and interesting and we did a bunch of dissections

    my bio teacher told me to take chemistry the next year if i was good in math

    so in 11th grade i took chemistry and it uses math but it was also fun and interesting cuz of all of the labs we did!

    Source(s): i took bio and chem in high school! =)
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    Biology is way more interesting than chemistry and way less math than chemistry!

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    Chemistry is alot of math, if you are good in math I would do that. Biology to me is more boring more memorizing facts, Chemistry is more interesting.

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    personally, i like chemistry. Biology has much less math. i think chem is more interesting because you do stuff with chemicals and things.

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    As I understand the learning hierarchy, you take chemistry, then physics, and biology last. It has something to do with the knowledge base you need for the next science.

    Source(s): I don't know if this is still true, but it is what my counselor told me to do. It worked for me.
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    biology has less math in it

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