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Anyone one who has flown EasyJet - opinions?

Thinking about flying EasyJet in April as they're roughly half the price of BA. But I've never flown with them before. How has everyone else gotten on with them?


I fly pretty often with work and always use Flybe. I'm assuming they're pretty similar. Anything I should be aware of though?

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    Easyjet are excellent, far better than British Airways and far cheaper too.

    Easyjet = Britains best airline.

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    i've got flown faucet Portugal quite a few cases and consistently got here across them to be solid. friendly useful provider and flights are uaually on time. the sole detrimental I ever had replaced right into a flight from Lisbon to united states of america of america on which they served no alcohol, no longer even for purchase. on no account did locate out what that replaced into approximately. for specific faucet Portugal has the main enticing lady flight attendants.

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