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How long do you charge a 6v power wheels battery? ?

I know the 1st time it should charge like 18 hours, but how long should it charge after that? I think its 12 hours my wife thinks it is 8 hours.

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    From a Power Wheels info site: Check out the source link below for more power wheels information

    How often do I need to charge the batteries?

    Charge the batteries for a minimum of 14 hours after each use of the vehicle or whenever the vehicle begins to slow down. When the vehicle is not in regular use, charge the batteries at least once a month until normal use is resumed

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    6 Volt Power Wheels Battery

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    Power Wheels 6 Volt Battery

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    5 years ago

    if the 12v takes around 12hours to charge , thats mean every one hour you charge 1v , so if you gonna charge 6v it will take around 6hours

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