Best four door, five passenger sedans out right now?

Well, my family is getting two new cars, one for family and one for my dad's business. The family car doesn't necessarily need to be a SUV, as both my sister's are going to college, and both family and business can be sedans.

The main things that my parents are looking for are:

-good safety ratings

-good mpg

-preferably front wheel drive, definitely no 4WD

-under $50,000 (We're leasing the two cars)

My dad does real estate, so he needs a more luxurious type of look for the people riding in his car, while for the family car it doesn't really matter. However, fuel efficiency is a big deal to my parents, and they want at least over 20 mpg. Also, the newer type of car, the better.

Do you guys know any cars that has all these things?

Thank you guys for the answers, they're really appreciated.

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    Right now the two best family sedans on the market are the Chevrolet Malibu and the Honda Accord. The Hyundai Sonata would be next in line. The Ford Fusion's nice but the gas mileage isn't as good as the aforementioned 3. The redesigned Camry isn't as good as you would expect.

    In terms of fuel efficiency, the Chevrolet Malibu with the 4-cyl engine and 6-speed automatic transmission is your best bet. 22/33 city/hwy, which is a couple mpg better than the 4-cyl Accord. I personally think (and I'm not alone) that the Malibu is the best looking; GM engineers supposedly designed it to look like a $40,000 car.

    You also may want to look into a Lexus ES for your dad. They're very comfortable to ride in and have 'status'. Lexuses are actually known for their widespread use by realtors.

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    listed under are my favorites, already regarded at and pushed - and my brother (yet another vehicle buff - we grew up here in the metro Detroit section) has a similar opinion. wish your circulate is going easily, and have exciting vehicle procuring! After procuring around (for exciting) i could take the two of those mid-sized autos homestead with me. Chevy Impala or the smaller Malibu Ford Taurus Buick Lacrosse = )

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    1 decade ago

    Honda Accord..... luxury car at a bargain price.

  • 1 decade ago

    by far the chevy caprice

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    1 decade ago

    mazda 6

    it's gorgeoussss

  • 1 decade ago

    do you mean under $50k for both or each?

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