Im fifteen is it bad to jelq at this age I have a 5inch and my goal is to a 7inch?

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How much minutes should I jelq for in one day
Will I see results in 2-3 weeks
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Mate, there is nothing that really works to enlarge your penis permanently, not even surgery. Even with surgery all they do is snip the tendon that connects your penis to your body so that it looks bigger when flaccid and it might gain a smidge when erect.

Then they suck fat out of your *** and inject it into your penis.That fat is absorbed by the body, so you have to keep going back and having it done all the time.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Does my penis work normally?

Do I gain pleasure from it?

Can I get an orgasm?

Do I think I can make a partner get an orgasm, with or without the use of my penis?

Now think hard on that last one, because it is the important question, because sex is not all about the intercourse, it is about foreplay, and oral sex, and touch, and feelings, and what you say to your partner. If you make your partner have three orgasms without using your penis before you have intercourse, they won't care what size your penis is.

It is all about you being comfortable with you. You have to love who you are. You have to be confident with what you have and not be concerned that you are smaller, bigger, average or whatever.
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  • Morris answered 5 years ago

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  • livewire9 answered 5 years ago
    don't do it, it's unhealthy and you could possibly do irreparable damage to yourself...
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  • Hugh Jass answered 5 years ago
    Well, you can.
    But the risk is that it may burst blood vessels that may cause infection.

    Just be careful.

    PS. These techniques may be and often are hoaxes, be warned.
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  • Blowhole answered 5 years ago
    Jelqing does absolutely nothing and has the risk of tissue damage.
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  • C F answered 5 years ago
    Whether this actually works or not has not been said so I wouldn't do it
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  • Living Romans 12:8 answered 5 years ago
    What is jelq?
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