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Girl is gonna come watch a movie with me, advice?

I've known this girl for a few months now and I like her and I think she likes me too. We've been talking on AIM for quite a while and I decided to bite the bullet and asked her to come round so we can watch a movie together on my new HDTV. She said sure so she's coming round tomorrow.

I'm real nervous, can you guys give me some do's and don'ts? shall I go for a kiss or anything?? :/ ty

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    do: have some food and drinks ready, pick a movie you think she'll like (no awkward sex scenes), make sure she sits next to you

    dont: get to touchy, talk a lot during the movie


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    As for the movie, don't get a slasher movie or a really sappy chick flick, because you don't know which end of the spectrum she leans toward yet. Get a neutral comedy (try not to go too bawdy--basically no Will Ferrell material), something that will make you both laugh.

    As for the actual experience of the movie... you want a list of do's and don'ts? Okay:

    -Do put your arm around her when you feel the time is right. Since this is a first date, you don't want to be making out on the couch or anything, but you don't have to sit on opposite ends of the sofa.

    -Do make popcorn or something, so you both have something to do other than just stare at the screen.

    -Do make sure she's actually enjoying the movie. If she's not laughing at the parts that are supposed to be funny, it's time to suggest popping in a different one.

    -Don't try to go too far too fast. Really don't try to kiss her until you're absolutely sure she wants to be kissed.

    -Don't ignore her signals, good or bad. If she's acting flirty or getting closer to you, you can go ahead and move forward with whatever you want to do. If she's acting a little standoffish or nervous, take it slower.

    -Don't be afraid to get up and use the bathroom--just make sure you pause the movie when she feels a need to leave the room for a moment.

    -Don't eat all the popcorn. Leave some for the lady. :)

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    aww, this sounds so cute, and yeah, theres a load of dos and donts. Too many here to list, so I'll give you my advice. Get her a seperate drink, instead of you two sharing one. This is just a cozying night together and not an official first date, so no sharing a drink until you have been out together for a few weeks or so.

    The first kiss? Well, don't rush into it and dont plough straight for the lips at the first opportunity you get. You will know, when its the right time to go for the kiss, but make it slow, make it special and make it the right moment, otherwise, BOOM, the night is ruined and she'll feel fed up and pissed off with you.

    Use your initiative and think what she wants, as well as what you both want, and yeah, the night will go swimmingly.

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    1. Be a gentleman;

    2. Be hospitable (make sure she's comfortable;

    3. Be interested in what she has to say;

    4. Remember things that are important to her (go over your chat transcripts if you still have them);

    5. Read her body language (no one can tell you whether or not you should kiss this girl because her body language and desire matters and she hasn't been around you yet);

    6. Be yourself.


    1. Be crude or rude;

    2. Pressure her to do anything physical;

    3. Call or text your friends while she is there (undivided attention only);

    4. Try to "seduce her" (after all, you may not want to after meeting and being around her; your face-to-face opinion counts, too);

    5. Be shy and aloof;

    6. Try to be someone other than who you are.

    I hope this helps and that you both enjoy your time together tomorrow.


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    No kiss. You'll scare her off.

    Don't ssshh her when she tries to talk to you while the film is on- you can watch it some other time.

    Don't try to put your hand around her. Seriously.

    Don't sit too close- unless she comes to you.

    Make sure you have a wide selection of films to choose from- not just The Godfather set.

    LET HER CHOOSE THE FILM- even if it's a chick-flick.

    Stock up on chocolate, pop-corn and chips. Keep alcohol to a minimum.

    At the end- offer to drive her home (unless she's got her own car...)

    Kiss her on the cheek- unless she goes for a smacker on the lips.

    Ask for her phone number so you can talk besides on AIM.

    Good luck!

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    Make sure you choose the right movie. Dirty Dancing always goes down well (maybe the girls i date are older than yours, but its a classic and she may like your style!) All im saying is don't choose something lame like The Transporter (from a girl point of view) If she agreed to come round and sit next to you for two hours in the dark, she must like you. So, go for it. Wait for a romantic bit in the movie and hold her hand. If she doesn't hit you then the sparks should happen and then you can kiss her, result!

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    Everything will happen naturally.Sure,you should go for a kiss.But only if at the time your ready for it if you feel nervous then DONT do it.That means your body's not ready for it.Your probably wondering when will my body be ready for it?Well different times for every one.Im a girl and ill tell you one thing.It definitly takes longer for a girl to adjust well in my case.Mabey your gf is ready mabey shes trained.If you really want a kiss then practice(doll,or summin else)

    do's-look her straight in the eyes

    laugh at every joke she makes

    if she gets emotional,you do too

    DONTS-do not i repeat DO NOT look at her chest.

    DO NOT put your arm around her only if she does it

    and DO NOT kiss her unless both of you guys feel ready.

    There is no need to feel nervous or to think its not normal.Its very much normal.Im a girl as i said b4 and its very nervousing on your first date to think about kisses.Just relax,try to be yourself(If sshes coming over she probably likes the real you lol)And dress maturally.

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    That's such a sweet story, something you'll surely have to tell your grandkids.. just kidding... anyways, just keep it casual. Don't be nervous! You know her and it's just a movie. As far as kissing goes... I'm not sure. It depends what the two of you think. Go for it, but don't make it awkward. Maybe make some popcorn... that seems to ease the tension.

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    i wouldn't go for the kiss. definatley have a huge bowl of popcorn ready for her and some drinks or anything in case she wants something... also the popcorn gives you guys a chance to catch hands.

    Go for an action movie... like the dark knight is a gr8 date movie

    aftr the movie be sure you tell her how much fun it was

    Good luck!!!

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    ok well when u guys are watching the movie offer her a drink and food, then when you are sitting on the couch sloley get closer to her and talk to her and then slowley put your hand on her lap and if she doesnt movie it away thats a good thing :) so if that goes good then maby tell her how you feel about her and ask her if she feels the same way !! and if it all goes good sure go for a kiss :)

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