Is Yahoo! Answers turning into a popularity contest?

I've seen a lot of questions lately along the lines of "How Popular are you on Y!A?" etc etc.

What has popularity got to do with it?

Sorry, that was a bit ranty wasn't it.

I'll shut up now.
Update: Star - Yes, all better now. It was awful, the first two days of 2009 I was a mute.
Update 2: AWOL - Disagree with you completely. You're being more social on here than being sat in front of the box.
Update 3: I'm such a mistake - Same, I just answer them saying "no, the opposite more like" or something along those lines. And that's the last I see of it.
Update 4: Betty B - I think this'll be the first question I'll leave for the voters. Just to be fair... xD
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