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Was Krishna crucified?

I read somewhere that He was killed by a hunter, who was the reincarnate of Bali, but somewhere else I read that Krishna was actually somewhat crucified. It talked about holes between his hands and feet. Is this true?

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    In the conclusion to his work Mahabharata-tatparya-nirnaya, Sri Madhvacarya-pada has written the following purport to the mausala-lila. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, in order to bewilder the demons and ensure that the word of His own devotees and of the brahmanas be maintained, created a body of material energy into which the arrow was shot. But the Lord's actual four-armed form was never touched by the arrow of Jara, who is actually the Lord's devotee Bhrgu Rsi. In a previous age Bhrgu Muni had placed his foot on the chest of Lord Visnu. In order to counteract the offense of improperly placing his foot on the Lord's chest, Bhrgu had to take birth as a degraded hunter. But even though a great devotee willingly accepts such a low birth, the Personality of Godhead cannot tolerate seeing His devotee in such a fallen condition. Thus the Personality of Godhead arranged that at the end of Dvapara-yuga, when the Lord was winding up His manifest pastimes, His devotee Bhrgu, in the form of the hunter Jara, would cast the arrow into a material body created by the Lord's illusory energy. Thus the hunter would become remorseful, gain release from his degraded birth and go back to Vaikuntha-loka.

    Therefore, to please His devotee Bhrgu and to confuse the demons, the Supreme Lord manifested His mausala-lila at Prabhasa, but it should be understood that this is an illusory pastime. The Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna, from His very appearance on the earth, did not manifest any of the material qualities of ordinary human beings. The Lord did not appear from the womb of His mother. Rather, by His inconceivable power He descended into the maternity room. At the time of His giving up this mortal world, He similarly manifested an illusory situation for the sake of bewildering the demons. To bewilder the nondevotees, the Lord created an illusory body out of His material energy while simultaneously remaining personally in His own sac-cid-ananda body, and thus He manifested the downfall of an illusory, material form. This pretense effectively bewilders foolish demons, but Lord Sri Krsna's actual transcendental, eternal body of bliss never experiences death.

    Just then a hunter named Jara, who had approached the place, mistook the Lord's foot for a deer's face. Thinking he had found his prey, Jara pierced the foot with his arrow, which he had fashioned from the remaining iron fragment of Samba's club.


    According to Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, the statement that the arrow "pierced the Lord's foot" expresses the point of view of the hunter, who thought he had struck a deer. In fact the arrow merely touched the Lord's lotus foot and did not pierce it, since the Lord's limbs are composed of eternity, knowledge and bliss. Otherwise, in the description of the next verse (that the hunter became fearful and fell down with his head upon the Lord's feet), Sukadeva Gosvami would have stated that he extracted his arrow from the Lord's foot.

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    Krishna Crucified

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    Was Krishna crucified?

    I read somewhere that He was killed by a hunter, who was the reincarnate of Bali, but somewhere else I read that Krishna was actually somewhat crucified. It talked about holes between his hands and feet. Is this true?

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    So you see from Nitai Gaura's quote from the Vedas what actually happened when Krishna left this world. There was an underground documentary recently saying Krishna was crucified, but this contradicts the Vedic literatures. Vedic scholar Stephen Knapp says this idea of crucifixion likely was presented by one of the several English "scholars". During the English occupation of India, the most difficult obstacle to dominating the country and culture was the spiritual traditions, so they supported scholars to present the Vedic literatures as primitive and sometimes as being copied from the Bible. Factually, the Vedas predate the Bible and have a highly sophisticated philosophy.

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    I've heard this other places; it is true that other saviors in religions (Mani being one) were crucified; but with Krishna it's new to me. It's probably in the Mahabharata, which partially deals with Krishna's story, but the book is about 5800 pages long, and I don't know where to begin to look in it. Wikipedia says the Mahabharata says he ascended to the sky.

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    Not crucified.

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    No, he was killed by a hunter. He was shot in the foot by an arrow while he meditated. This was all preconceived to allow for the karma of Bali.

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    My word a "yes" or "no" ...stated somewhere or more visible would have been nice for a simple yes or no question!

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