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Is there no limit to Democrat's corruption?

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    Democrats have always been corruption x10, it's a way of life. Their constituents are highly corrupt and support their own regardless, while the republicans don't put up with that crap and take out their own trash. Democrats also have the corrupt leftist media on their side, and it's hard to hold them accountable when the people are lied to constantly in favor of the democrats.

    The dynamics of life in metro areas breeds scum bags, simple as that.

    Richardson is getting it for what is democrat SOP ... why? It seems Clinton's scum bag appointees in the justice department are rearing their ugly heads, yet again and getting some revenge.

    Democrats talk about Haliburton as the simple of corruption, but Cheney had nothing to do with them after he left over a decade ago, and they were never that bad, nothing near the stinking Clinton Machine including Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, and notice the CEOs of Fanny and Freddy are not even being bothered after they pulled crap that is 100 times worse than what Enron did, and even more blatant ... because they are Clinton buddies.

    Clinton is king Scum Bag, and left his people behind to continue his Mob style influence in the government.

    The democrats are so corrupt right now that most of the time they get away with anything they want. Like Bill Clinton's administration stealing nearly 1000 FBI files on republicans, and all the other crap they pulled, and getting off scott free using the stupid Lewinski thing as a decoy to focus the public off the much more serious things they did.

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    There is no limit to POLITICAL corruption. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty, the finger points both ways. The problem is that we don't do anything about this corruption. We all shake our heads, say "typical" and then go home to our lives and await the next scandalous news.

    Let's throw these self-interested degenerates out. Surely the average citizen of this country is a better representative supporting the people.

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    Absolute power corrupts Absolutely. I think you can expect corruption from any political party that gets into office no matter who they are or what they represent. It's important to scrutinize the actions of any people in a power position in a democracy no matter who they are. If their a bad person and it's obvious call them on it. No person in the government should be allowed to run the show his way. This is a government for the people and by the people and we should do everything in our power as citizens of America to keep it that way. There's no reason to stay faithful to any party if their dishing out the pain our way.

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    Sorry...there's no limit to ALL political corruption. Although, as a Republican, this would be a super opportunity to point the finger in self-righteous indignation, that just wouldn't be right. And if nothing else, I'm ALWAYS "right." lol

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    One word... Haliburton, War Profiteer, I think that makes up for the Democrats corruption for years to come. Dick Cheney wants his old job back.

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    Unfortunately, shady politics affect all parties. I was glad to hear that Richardson withdrew his nomination as Commerce Secretary but he is returning to his position as Governor. I am also glad to see that we have policies in place that seek to find these illegal/shady dealings and hope that these policies eventually demonstrate to all our elected officials that becoming self-serving does not pay.

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    You've already convicted him on the basis of an investigation. Apparently you think Americans have about the same rights as terrorists. So much for freedom and justice in America.

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    It seems to be the current trend

    Now all we need is for Chris Dodd and Barney Frank to resign

    I guess the " change" Obama spoke of was the crimes that democrats are behind would start coming out of the woodwork

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    there seems to be no limit to corruption in washington period! but i will say that the dems corruption is a lot more prevalent. and the dems are the ones always accusing the republicans of the corruption. so not only are they extremely corrupt, but extremely hypocritical.

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    Sorry, but there's corruption in both parties. It's a shame our leaders are not held responsible like they were in previous generations.

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