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Fun baby names game!?

1.) You have a baby boy, his first name has to be based on some item on your desk/around you. His middle name has to start with the letter AFTER the letter that the first name ends with.

2.) You have a baby girl. The letters in her first name have to be either in alphabetical order or in the opposite of alphabetical order. Her middle name has to be a relative's name, like a Grandma, step-sister, mom, Aunt, etc.

3.) You have twins! For the boy, take your name (it could be your first name, first and last, or all three) and switch around some letters to take a name from that. The middle name will be your father's name or middle name.

4.) The twin girl's first name has to be a character from your favorite book, and the middle name has to do with a color.


1. Teddy Zach

2. Zoe Lynn

3. For the first name: If your name was Hannah, you could name him Hayden. If your name was John Smith you could name him Mo or Jim, which both come from that.

4. Emily Skye or Hannah Violet

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    Okay, this sounds fun!

    1 -- Booker Shane -- I bet a ton of people are going to come up with Booker... but it's on the desk, and so's this laptop, which happens to be a "MacBook".

    2 -- Josy Melissa -- Wow, that was hard... it took me forever, so sorry about the weird spelling. Melissa is my cousin...and pretty much the best person I know.

    3 -- Liam Thomas -- Liam comes from my first and last name... Amy Bailey. Thomas is my dad's name.

    4 -- Luna Cyan -- Luna as in Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. And Cyan is a color of blue that's pronounced like the words "sigh anne", in case you didn't know.

    So my kids are Booker, Josy, Liam, and Luna.

    I loved this name game, it was so fun! I loved the certain restrictions, and certain things that you had to use. They were great. Better than just "You have a baby that looks like this, name it". I loved yours.

    -- Amy

  • 1. Tank Landon

    2. Amy Michelle

    3. Mason Alexander

    4. Brooke Alice

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Pen Quentin

    2. Lea Felicia

    3. Isaiah Sean

    4. Kimberly Violet

  • 1 decade ago

    Vase William

    Abbe Elizabeth

    Dillon James

    Olivia Rose

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 Reggie Ferguson

    2 Ally Rose

    3 Alexander Kevin

    4 Hermione Magenta

  • Angel
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    5 years ago

    1.Teddy Elliot

    2. Lea Monica

    3. Bella Rowan

    4. Nikki Blue

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Waldo Prescott (There's a "Where's Waldo" book that my nephew left here)

    2. Adel Svetlana

    3. Nariam Aleksander (My name is Marina, so I just switched the letters around)

    4. Augustina Violet

    Those are some strange names hehe, but this was fun!

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Wire Frank

    2. Ally Renee

    3. Collin John

    4. Teagan Olive

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Cord Elijah

    2. Abby Marie

    3. Alec William

    4. Isabella Rose (Bella)

  • 1 decade ago

    Dew Ethean

    Ann Jane

    my name Amanda

    twin boy=Dan Eugene

    twin girl=Annabelle blue

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