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Hughes net vs. DSL? hughes net claims download speeds as fast as DSL, but on closer...?

review their bottom tier plan only offer 1 Millibyte/second and my dsl icon at work (while online) say 10 millibyte/second. am i missing something? how is this even close to DSL speeds? even their top tier speed (for 350.00 friggin bucks/month) only offers 5 MB/S!

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    1 decade ago
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    Millibytes? MB/S... I think you're getting all kinds of terms confused, and that's confusing you. I seriously doubt your current DSL is 10mb/s. That's probably just the speed of your LAN, but not the actual internet speed. Use this website to test your real internet speed:

    BTW, the correct terminology is either "MegaBITS per second" or "MegaBYTES per second"... usually the former.

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