A question about the country Jordan?

What percentage of business comes from tourism in Jordan?

A real number would be so appreciated.

If you could, can you put a source from where you found the percentage? Thank you!!


pleaseee this is crucial to my final assessment.

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    Tourism revenue contributes JD 1,639 million to Jordan 's economy or more than 11% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007

    Jordan Economic Report by Bank Audi

    6.6 million visitots in 2006 ; 5.8 million visitors in 2005

    Jordan National Tourism Strategy:

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    It grow to be a province of the Ottoman Empire, taken over by way of Britain after the conflict as a League of countries mandate. the proper names for the mandates have been Palestine and Transjordan (previous the Jordan). For administrative applications, the League and the British desperate to divide the territory based on the Jordan River; what grow to be west of it grow to be Palestine, and what grow to be east of it grow to be Transjordan. This grow to be probably additionally accomplished because of the fact Palestine had many distinctive nationalities and faiths in it, on an identical time as Transjordan grow to be exceedingly much thoroughly Arab and Islamic. there grow to be in no way any question that it would ultimately grow to be an Arab state. Palestine had populations of the two Arabs and Jews, and greater Jews moved there during the Mandate era. After international conflict II, the British drew up a plan to divide Palestine between the two peoples, however the Arabs refused to honor the settlement, with numerous Arab states attacking the recent State of Israel as quickly because it declared its independence. The Israelis defeated the Arabs, and ended up with much greater territory than the partition plan had initially given them. 1000's of hundreds of Arabs fled from the Israeli-held lands, and at the instant are the persons in many situations used because of the fact the Palestinians. Jordan and Egypt occupied what remained of the proposed Arab state in 1948, the lands we now call the West monetary enterprise and Gaza Strip. Nineteen years later, Israel captured the two territories, alongside with the Sinai and Golan Heights, during the Six-Day conflict, and offered to return them in replace for peace, which the Arabs left out. As for Transjordan, it fell under the rule of the Hashemite dynasty and grew to become an self sufficient kingdom in 1948, on an identical time as Israel. The King dropped the "Trans" section, and the country has been formally the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ever for the reason that.

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