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Girl I like is gonna come over to watch a movie with me, advice?

I've known this girl for a few months now and I like her and I think she likes me too. We've been talking on AIM for quite a while and I decided to bite the bullet and asked her to come round so we can watch a movie together on my new HDTV. She said sure so she's coming round tomorrow.

I'm real nervous, can you guys give me some do's and don'ts? shall I go for a kiss or anything?? :/ ty


oh and I'm getting up early tomorrow to tidy the living room etc all up :)

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    alright so this is what you do:

    Before she gets there turn the fan or a little A/C on to make it just cold enough to put a blanket on both of you and don't be afraid to get close to her. Just see what she does when you bump her softly, but not too hard. Also try touching her feet with yours, kinda turn it into a game of footsie.

    If you want to kiss her or start making out with her, you should get either a scary movie or a chick flick. The scary movie will have her in your arms (so you can get close and make a move) and the chick flick will get the romantic mood going (she might put her guard down and get close and look into your eyes and that's when you make your move)

    And if you want to go the extra mile, have one of your friends text or call you in the middle of the movie and don't even look at who it is and put your phone away (this will show her that she is more important to you)

    But the main thing to do is act natural. Girls hate guys trying to hard more than anything.

    good luck

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    ok well when u guys are watching the movie offer her a drink and food, then when you are sitting on the couch sloley get closer to her and talk to her and then slowley put your hand on her lap and if she doesnt movie it away thats a good thing :) so if that goes good then maby tell her how you feel about her and ask her if she feels the same way !! and if it all goes good sure go for a kiss :)

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    well if this is your first time hanging and stuff i dont think i would kiss her. but you can cuddle with her and let her know that you are interested but not just wanting action. when you hug her, hold her tight, not like you want to squeeze her guts but a nice good hug. tell her that she looks beautiful and just smile at her and look deep into her eyes when you talk.


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    don't kiss her yet

    If you want to put your arm around her, just do it.

    mind your etiquette

    be yourself

    and chill out, it's going to be fine

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    show some respect and don't do anything except be your self and if she don't like you for you move on

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    dude gud luck. u shud b fine.. jus dont get tight nd quiet. b talkative lol nd then u'll b able to c if shel ikes u or not nd if u can try to kiss her etc. hoped this helped

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    just chill

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