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Can I qualify for a home loan with a low credit score?

My husband and and I are ready to buy a home for the first time. We have all of our debt paid off with the exception of a truck loan and student loan debt. My employer is paying off my student loans over a 5 year period and I have four more years to go until those are completely paid. We make $96,000.00/year and have credit scores in the low to mid 600's (Stupid mistakes from younger years). We are looking to buy a house for around $290,000 and have 3.5% down.

I am wondering if it will be possible for us to qualify for a home loan with this credit score and what the interest rate would be if we were to do this right now?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Get an online auto loan quote. The questionairre will let you know if you can be approved. It's free and you can get an answer in minutes.

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    maximum lenders won't insure loans with a 580 or decrease credit. you're waiting to get an FHA very own loan with a decrease score, yet you could no longer have recent collections or a foreclosures in the previous 3 years. It incredibly relies upon on how plenty money you ought to positioned down and how plenty reserves you have.

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    Wait and set aside more for your downpayment. Mortgage loans are have pretty strict requirements. If your score was 660, you'd still need a much larger down payment and you wouldn't get a decent rate.

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    i think now they want you to have a 20 percent down payment . I would try to get a FHA loan though .

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