Sympathy for John Travolta and Kelly Preston?

I have created this topc for people who like to put sympathy for John Travolta (one of my most favorite actors ) and Kelly reston(his wife) who has lost their 16 yrs son recently (2nd Jan 2009) , I felt myself so sorry and sad when I heard this news , so I show my sympathy to them , and the all people who like to share their sympathy , please write their comments , maybe later , some day he or his relative can see this page , then they know the other people also indicate their sad feellings about the death of Jett Travolta , at least through the words , ...

I think , onone can prevent sad events in his or her life , no a super star , no a millioner can be just happy for ever , I hope John Travolta and his family found peace soon and never encounter such huge sorrow any more ,

I hope 2009 will be a kind and nice year to everyone and not any bad news will be heard any more

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    John and Kelly;

    I offer my deepest sympathies at the loss of your son. I too lost a son 10 years ago, know the pain and the question "Why?" that can never be answered to your satisfaction. I hold you in my prayers for the process of grief that is so long and dark. The advise I would give to you is based on my own experience. I found that reaching out to others to comfort instead of withdrawing into my self and pain, I was comforted and began my own healing process. I also learned that in order to get through grief is to allow yourself to go through it. It is a process and there are stages.

    Someone told me that grief comes in packages. The ones you open now are bone crushing. It takes your breath away. But with time, the crushing becomes less and the waves of pain not quite so intense until they are manageable.

    I still think about my son every day, but with fondness, thankful for having known him, and hope that one day we will be reunited as promised. Blessings for you and your family.

    Source(s): My own journey through grief.
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    When I heard about the tragedy that had struck the Travolta family I was heartbroken:( John is also a favorite actor of mine and I was so sad to hear of his loss. I hope his family is surrounded by many loving caring people that will help them through the hard times they are facing. My heart truly goes out to the Travolta family, and I wish them all the compassion in the world.

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    Very thoughtful of you. If you are any good at building a web site nothing to fancy as you don't have months to do this. but have people come to leave there condolences that would be nice too make sure you have enough room though I heard sometimes to many hits can close it. and then you could go to john and click on contact and leave a message for his people that you and the whole world cares and sends there well wishes. This could be for anyone around the world to come on to. ( make sure there is a way you can see who's putting one and can delete anything that is not appropriate)

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    I am so sorry for the loss of John & Kelly and their daughter. I happen to live in Ocala and I can tell you that the family is as genuine as can be. I wish the media would just leave them alone and let them mourn in peace. How would they feel if they had just lost a loved one and someone shoved a camera in their face or started speculating on the death itself. ( shame on them) as for the family I offer my deepest sympathies and please know that you are in my prayers

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    4 years ago

    I stay in Fl. interior the comparable city that they stay and that they have got accomplished lots for our little city ,and that they are actual very constructive human beings ,they are nevertheless interior the Bahamas' yet would be homestead day after today i've got faith .they are having Jetts funeral right here yet i don't know whilst ,i think of this would be a very very complicated ingredient for them so I for one am going to do in spite of i will to enable them to have their privateness to grieve i wish others will do the comparable .

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    1 decade ago

    what a shame and only 1 day after the new year no parent should see one of their kids go before them.

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