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can someone tell me how to iron interfacing onto a piece of fabric?

i've forgotten how to do it

i've got the interfacing and measured things out...i think.

i dont no im really confused

maybe you could email me how to do it if it easier?

plz im well confused lol


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Never post your email address on a public forum.

    Do you have the instructions that came with the interfacing?

    You have to follow these instructions for the iron's temp setting and the pressing technique.

    Hold the iron above the interfacing - some interfacing shrinks. Then press the interfacing to the fabric.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get Teflon pressing sheet and place on ironing board.

    Put fabric on wrong side up on top of Teflon pressing sheet.

    Put interfacing on fabric with glue dots facing fabric.

    You will want to "press" (place iron down and pick it up to move to a new location) not "iron" (place iron down and then move it along the fabric surface to the new location across the length and breadth of the pattern pieces).

    Pick up hot iron and test small scrap of interfacing on larger scrap of fabric (so no glue gets on iron). You are testing that the iron is hot enough and how long you have to press the hot iron onto the fabric & interfacing to bond them.

    Now press the interfacing and fabric together - moving the Teflon sheet along under the fabric & interfacing to protect the ironing board. You can use the Teflon between the iron and the fabric - but then you can't use any steam to help things melt a little faster. Some interfacing instructions tell you to use steam - some tell you to use a dry iron - read the instructions.

    If you do get adhesive on the iron - quit using it until you can clean it because it will get adhesive on the fabric.

    To clean, get a piece of waxed paper, sprinkle it with ordinary table salt, and "scrub" the hot iron against the salt until it the adhesive is gone. If you have a BIG piece of adhesive (there are sheets of the stuff sold to bond two pieces of fabric directly to each other) let the iron cool and try to peel it off first - then scrub.

    There are also chemical removers that you can buy - but the salt & waxed paper will work pretty well.

    Be sure to wipe down the iron to remove all traces of salt - it isn't good for metal.

    I've also see instructions about cutting a piece of fabric a little larger than the piece you need and applying the interfacing to it, then cutting the pattern piece out of that. It does work better if you have a small, oddly shaped piece that might stretch out of shape when being handled - the idea is that the fabric stays the same shape as the pattern piece!

  • drip
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    1 decade ago

    Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is adhesive on one side so be sure to put that side next to the fabric or it will stick to the iron - one side is smooth and matt, the other is rougher with shiny dots (the adhesive), then just put it in position and iron - what's the problem?

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