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Do you know that the first anceint rocket was not invented by Chinese?

The first rocket was invented in Jin(金) dynasty which is a Manchu dynasty.

Jin(金), Liao(遼), Xia(夏) are NOT Chinese history. They are Manch history, NOT Chinese. China just expanded the land in 1920s at the end collapse Machu empire Qing.

When the rocket was invented in Jin dynasty, Chinese (southern Song) lived below Yangze river. Above Yangze river was Jin dynasty's territory.

A lot of people are fooled by Chinese history distortion. This BBC documentary is also fooled by Chinese history distortion.

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    Do modern day United States of America only consist of the South? Does it only include white European?

    Why do you all call Tiger Woods as Americans when his father is an African descendant and his mother is Chinese Thai?

    This question is silly at best.

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    In order to get your arguments to work, you first need to separate "Chinese" from "Han Chinese"" because the modern day definition of Chinese includes all 52 ethnicities.

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