How can people say that Gay Rights isn't a big issue when CHILDREN have been murdered for being homosexual?

I'm talking about Lawrence King. If you don't know who he is, then here: I hear so many people including politicians talking about current issues in the U.S. like energy, wars, recessions, the economy, etc. Then when you bring up gay rights, they say it's not comparable to the other issues in our society. How is that statement even true? The statement "You must protect the children, it's all about the children." is one of the most politically correct statements. Well, if that were so, then why are events like the E.O. Green School shooting being ignored by the media, society, and politicians? Are they afraid to face the truth? The day that Britney Spears shaves her head gets tons of media coverage, but the day a homosexual teenager is murdered by another teenager inside of a school, it's like the media doesn't even exist!


I'm an openly bisexual 15 year old, and with so many ignorant and hateful people around me, I fear for my own life.

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    Actually this case received plenty of coverage. Don't know where you live but in Southern California not only did it make headlines in the Los Angeles Times but also on TV news. Los Andeles county has areas where unfortunate straight kids are murdered almost on a weekly basis for simply wearing the wrong color hat or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Yes it was tragic but no less tragic than any other senseless shooting. Yes the shooter had issues but you can also thank the ACLU for school officials not being able to step in before such a tragedy occurred. From what I gathered a lot of people knew the shooter had some serious issues...yet he was allowed to remain in school.

    Back when I was in high school we had a several misfits who stood out because everybody knew they would kill somebody someday. I personally knew a couple of those people.

    When my classmate and another kid stabbed a pizza deliveryman to death during a robbery simply because the dude was Asian that incident barely got mention in the local paper.

    Know what? Nobody who knew the perpetrators were surprised. Including me.

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    Q: Are they hurting you? A: Physically, no. Q: Are they affecting your marriage? A: Yes, actually. Marriage has always been about discrimination. It's the same reason we don't let 8-year-olds get married, or why we don't allow polygamy. Q: What will happen to you if two people of the same gender get married? A: My marriage will be associated with sodomy, despite the fact my spouse and I are not. Q: Is the world going to end? No? A: Can you prove your assertion? No, you cannot. Q: What's the problem? A: I've already told you. Christians do not desire that anyone go to hell, just as our Father in Heaven does not desire that. We'd rather people repent, and turn unto the Lord. Unfortunately, sodomy is the pinnacle of God having left someone. To allow sodomites to marry is to actually take the institution that was sanctified by the Lord, and to distort it into something else. Sodomites do not have a connubial love, and they cannot KNOW connubial love. And you're not 'legitimately curious.' If you were, you would not start off attempting to condescend those who disagree with you.

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    Murdering someone because they are gay is a hate crime and subject to much worse punishment. The government has already addressed that. They also do not permit discrimination based on sexual preference. There is no guarantee for anyone, gay or not unfortunately. Children are snatched from their backyards and murdered just because they were there at the wrong time. Sometimes too much focus on the kind of crime you mention starts a whole rash of them.

    The people who commit hate crimes are a sickness in our society. I don't really know what you expect the government to do about it beyond what they have already done. Actually the gay community has gotten many rights compared to when I was growing up. They stayed in the closet because their lifestyles were called sodomy and illegal. How would anyone have prevented what happened to this teenager?

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    Because people don't want to face the obvious, especially when it comes to homosexuality. Most see it as an abomination of God, and justify these crimes due that person being what they are - homosexual.

    It's incredibly sad. I don't understand why people just don't let others just be.

    By giving this media coverage means there is problem, and I guess media outlets don't feel Gay Rights and violence against them are relevant news stories.

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  • Tony R
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    I agree with you that it is a very big issue. However, you have to remember that giving them totally equal rights is not going to help in the situations you are thinking of and describing. Killing is illegal regardless. And it won't stop if gays get equal rights because well, that doesn't change the fact that killing ANYONE is against the law.

    The killer of Lawrence King is in BIG trouble for it. But making it so that gays have the same rights wouldn't have changed what he did. If he killed him because he was gay, then he knew that he would be in trouble for it, and Lawrence having more rights would probably only have made him want to do it more. But again I agree that they should have COMPLETELY equal rights, including marraige by LAW, not church (it is against the church faith).

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    Sorry, but gay rights is at the bottom of my priority list - human rights is another matter all together. When will you guys or whatever you are, get off your soap boxes & deal with it? Homosexuality is a cancer eating away at society - the more you push it in our faces, the more we wrinkle our noses at it. Keep it to yourselves if it's such a wonderful way to be - don't bring the rest of humanity down to your level just because you feel the need to be accepted? Tough crap.

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    Life is a universal human right. No one should be murdered, whether they are gay or straight.

    Everyone has the right to life, not just gays. Therefore, the fact that the person who was murdered was gay is irrelevant. The fact that a PERSON was murdered is relevant. You are assuming that life is a "gay right". It isn't.

    You should fear for your own life. You are one of the ignorant ones.

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    i think it is obvious that gays are the last people it seems our country has decided it's ok to discriminate against. that was proven in the last election. when there is a state that thinks its better for a child to be without a family than be with gay parants why is it surprising that in so many ways gays have a long way to go. not even mentioning the gay marraige thing. it is still socially acceptable to be prejediced against gays and i am a straight person and i hopefully think things will change for the better in the near future.just think how far things have progressed in the past 20 years.

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    Yes Muslims do murder Gays, which is why the leaders of Muslim countries can say they have no Gays in their country; they just kill them--as they do women who have sex out side marriage or who go out in public without their husband or another male family member.

    And Gays think Americans are Intolerant.

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    I don't care about them. It's always the same thing with gays always complaining about their rights and themselves. In my opinion they are the most self centered group in America. All I ever hear is "my rights this" and my rights that" I never hear them stick up for anyone but themselves. I don't see them doing good things in the community like helping out at the local food bank, delivering meals to home bound seniors, helping out at the animal shelter, or raising money for kids with cancer. If these people would do something besides protest and demand rights I could get on board with them but they just cheeze me off with their complaining and name calling so I really don't care too much.

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