All right, gentlemen, a few questions for the real pilots...?

Here are some questions I would like answered by those who have accused me of not being a real retired airline captain. Just general aeronautical experience plus some airline travel questions. If you have expressed doubts about me, please answer the following. If you don't, then please don't question my truthfulness again. Fair enough? Let's go...

1. In a piston or turboprop twin, or a business jet, on the runway and lined up for takeoff. What should be the position of the command pilot's right hand on the throttle or thrust levers? How do you properly grasp the knobs when applying takeoff power? And why?

2. In a Piper Cherokee 140, 161(warrior) or 180(Archer) at what point under normal conditions do you turn on the carburetor heat? Why?

3. You have filed on the dials out of an airport in Class B or C airspace. You get in the airplane and call Clearance Delivery. What will Clearance Delivery tell you about the SID you will use? What sort of verbiage will he/she give you relating to the SID?

4. You are the Captain in a typical modern jet airliner. On short final, you elect to execute a Missed Approach. You order the First Officer to stow the speed brakes. The F/O operates the lever, and the speed brakes stow on one side but remain deployed on the other. What will be the effect, and what is the procedure for retaining control of the airplane?

5. You are at Chicago O'Hare airport, walking from one concourse complex to the other. You are in a wide windowless corridor. (a) Why are there no windows? (b) What is on the ceiling? How is the ceiling decorated?

6. What is unusual about Tokyo Narita Airport? What do you see up very close as you taxi for Runway 16L that causes passengers to ask some really funny questions?

7. You are flying the old North Atlantic route from Nova Scotia to Ireland. What is the name of the airport in Greenland where you will land for fuel, and what is the name of the place where you will sleep?

8. You are arriving at EYW at 11:00 at night. What is the unusual situation or hazard your passengers will encounter while walking to the terminal building?

To make me believe you are a real pilot, please answer at least 3-4 of these questions. Thanks. --A.

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    Ha ha! Yay for aviophage, bring on the artillery!

    Hey, I never attested to being an airline pilot, although I can guarantee that I fly stunt planes for real. If you really want, I can natter on about why you should switch off the aux fuel pump on an Alpha 160 but not on the original Robin 2160 equivalent when executing spin recoveries or what can happen if you mishandle a falling leaf stall, or three good reasons for sideslipping a Pitts S2A etc etc. Somehow I don't see you being particularly concerned, and besides, if you don't believe me that's your prerogative and it doesn't ruffle me even slightly.

    Go get 'em, sister. Can't wait to see some of the replies.

    PS I've never flown a Piper of any kind but I don't see why you'd use carb heat other than for the usual reason. In other words, to melt any ice forming in the carburettor (which has a similar effect to reducing throttle) when operating with a combination of low RPM and reasonably humid air.

    Source(s): Thanks for vindicating my perceived image of you.
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    I’ve been busy lately and not kept up with the problem but I will comment. There's no doubt you provide articulate and well researched answers. But whether you sign off as, Retired Airline Pilot, Dr of Astrophysics, Retired Professor or Old Scientist but you do give some bad answers that would cause one to question your real experience. I don't keep tabs on you but thought your arrogant pop quiz deserved as much effort to illustrate some of your errors.

    As an ex-Flight Engineer I objected to this comment, “In addition, virtually all flight engineers are and always have been trained as pilots first."

    And then there's your description of your early flying years in a C-116. You also mention your C-118 experience in the same post so I don't think it's a typo.

    Your Engineering expertise in the question, How do you go about protecting an idea for an invention if you don't have the technical knowledge to create it?;...

    Your Answer, Remember that you cannot patent an idea as such, but only a practical device, product, chemical reaction, or method. (Source, old scientist)

    Reality – A Conceptual Patent is issued for recognition of a concept or means of achieving a specific objective. Reference, My Conceptual Patents:

    No. 4662786 – Dynamic Load Compensating System – May 5, 1987

    No. 4883388 – Load Compensating System – November 28, 1989

    No. 4962817 – Active Reference System – October, 16 1990

    You obviously are very well read and judging from some of your other forums possibly even multi-lingual. I am curious though why you only seem to claim the feminine role in YA.

    One last Aviation Question, "Do you start as a first officer or Co pilot when u become a commercial pilot?";...

    Your Answer - When you first become a commercial pilot, you will not be with the airlines. You will work as a charter pilot, banner tow pilot, pipeline/power line patrol, night freight, and flight instructor for several years before you will have the hours to apply to an air cargo or regional airline company.

    Reality – How do you explain Zero Time Candidates like Cathy Pacific and Singapore Airlines, among others, train and put in the Cockpit as First Officers?

    Thanks dumb@ssp. I would have thanked you personal if you received email. I will give the person credit for being very articulate and as indicated in the pop quiz likes research. However as demonstrated by some of the real answers it takes more than academic skills to walk the talk.

  • What in the hell has been going on around here? In the last 24 hrs

    this "forum" has disintegrated into a war zone so it seems. Can someone fill me in?

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    I take exception to using the term “Real Pilots” the way it is used by some airline captains it infers that If you don’t carry paying passengers your not a real pilot.


    Crop Dusters aren’t real pilots.

    Bush Pilots aren’t real pilots

    Missionary Pilots aren’t real pilots

    SAR pilots aren’t real pilots

    Edit: sorry forgot our men and women in Uniform not real Pilots either

    And I guess that in my younger days, when I flew into what only by the stretch of the imagination called an airstrip in a remote village to transport an injured child to the nearest city with a hospital and since I didn't get paid for flying and they didn't pay for passage. I wasn’t a real Pilot Either

    I bet that if an airline captain a “real pilots “would have been in the right seat when I flew into some of the places I had to fly into, they would have left permanent Pucker Marks in the seat cushion, assuming you could find it .

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    I am currently working on my PPL. I also have no doubts of your career. But I can answer the number two question just for fun :P you apply carb heat any time the air temp is between 20 and 70F and there is visible moisture. In my instructors 172 witch is not fuel injected we use carb heat any time we are below the green arc on the RPM gauge.

    Cheers and congrats for making it threw one of the toughest jobs in the world. I only hope and dream to become an airline captain much like yourself.


    Source(s): I'm am not a real pilot yet. I am a student pilot. But this year 2009 I will get my PPL and start working towards my IFR license and eventually ATP once I get past commercial.
  • Rob G
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    1 decade ago

    Why do you care if people don't think you are who you say you are? This is just an anonymous public "forum". What does you asking these questions prove? Nothing except that your general aviation knowledge is very vast. I'm sure you are who you say you are, but it's silly when people come on here trying to prove it.

    I come on here to help give insight to others as to how this industry really works, not to try to prove how big of a pilot I really am.

    Besides, half of your questions only prove that he or she has been to those airports enough times to know those things. There are plenty of real airline pilots out there who have never been to those places.

    Source(s): former airline pilot, but I really don't care at all if people don't believe me.
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    only 3 answers

    #1. who's doing the takeoff (left or right seat). If left, your hand is not even on the throttles till the right seater sets takeoff power. If right seat is doing the takeoff the left seater sets takeoff power and keeps his hand on the throttles till V1/rotate. How his hand is positioned on the throttles is purely "technique".

    #3 there is no such thing as a SID (check your calendar it's the 21st century).

    #4 you would never have the speed brakes (spoilers) deployed on short final

  • look too young to be retired?...but I'm a fan of youre answers,and always find them a big help towards my understanding of my hobby...which is my "Microsoft Flight simiuator" in real life I am a coach driver which is a similiar form of people transport but stuck firmly on the ground...Given the choice i would prefer to be 'upstairs' with the professionals than on the road with idiots!...but i missed my chance...keep up the good work!...I'd still like to know how the hell does a fly land on the ceiling?...maybe a future question?...

  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    Hello i have never accused you of not being an airline pilot i always read your answer and they have made me become a better student pilot because my plan is to hopefully make it into the airlines!

    I will try my best with these questions

    I believe you would want to turn on the carburetor heat when you are checking it in your run up and when you are on approach for landing and obviously if you have some reason to believe you do have carb ice

    I really cant answer any of the other questions because i have never been to any of those airports and i don't fly for hire.

    Like i said before i know you were a real pilot and i respect that i even think you should consider writing a book!

    If you want you can watch a youtube video of me doing a couple touch and goes

    Youtube thumbnail


    Happy flying!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    as applicable for me

    1 - thrust levers=separate engine controls are in gov flight position, left hand on collective, pushing the 2,5min OEI emergency auto trigger button

    2. heating engine intakes below +5celsius due to the icing risk in the turboshaft engine intake

    3. i would expect smthing like " 5505, delivery, [code of metar info] correct, startup at hh:mm zulu, cleared via flight planned route to [destination], contact tower." the expected SID is usually issued with departure clearance from ATC/tower, not from delivery, here.

    4. full throttle anyway. nose turns to the dead brakes wing /where brakes not retracted, i would expect slight roll onto the dead wing ,too.

    of course i would step the pedals to counter the yaw. better having both engines at full throttle than countering the yaw through separate outputs of engines /more throttle for the dead wing engine/

    i would perform all following turns onto the live wing, so that the dead wing stays at the outer edge of the turn - like in the case of dead engine - not to induce spin conditions with dead engine "inside" the turn.

    5.o-o never been there, no idea

    6. 7. 8. watch 5.

    for 6.7.8. i would refer to Jepessen and/or local AIP for refference.


    have not found any risks to passengers, just the noise abatement from 23 to 07 with urge to no operations in this time /if i understand the remarks well/

    ad>"you'll never have spoilers deployed during short final"... question states you indeed HAVE them deployed. Whatever reason, you have to cope with that in the question and in the real life.

    ad>"there are no SIDs in the 21st century".... check the CENOR flips, for example. lots and lots of them, entire flipbook. they still do exist, gentlemen..

    Source(s): never questioned your identity, though
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