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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書小學及中學教育 · 1 decade ago

Percentage F.3 急!!!

May i ask

1) The hourly rate of a McDonald worker is $x per hour and working hours is y hours each week. The Company now reduces his hourly rate by 10%. In order to keep the same weekly salary, For how many more hours in percentage should he work?


Please show steps!

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    The weekly salary is = XY

    If the new hourly rate is = X(1-10%)

    Then, in order to keep the same weekly salary, the new working hours is = Y/(1-10%)

    = 1/(1-0.1) = 1.111..

    Therefore, in order to keep the same weekly salary, the worker should increase (100/9)% or 11.11% (2 d.p.) of working hours per week.

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