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請幫幫手譯呢一篇自我介紹.中譯英,文法要岩GE thx好急要



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    My name is Janet, the name from the Bai, and my name special places is also may call it the French people, and in France's special meaning that contains the girls respectively, the other is interpreted as a blessing from God, so you can ask my French, and I think I major advantages is doing very seriously and to help others and my weaknesses that is because too seriously, the relaxed not down, and sometimes, the students need of help me, I very much welcome to help, so they feel that I am very enthusiastic, and, if some of the things I am very important to, I will do its utmost to do, to the completion date, the Christmas holidays, the teachers have to our grouper operations, as a number of operational, such as: mathematics Power Point has a lot of information, have to keep typing, I will not sleep to get all day long before they go to sleep, I know that this is detrimental to health, I will make efforts to improve my shortcomings.

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    My name is Jenet. This name originates in 希佰來(唔知英文係咩). It is special that you may also treat it as a French name, which has the meaning of a young girl, another meaning is God's gracious gift, therefore you may also call my French name.

    I think that my merit is that I work seriously and always willing to help others. My shortcoming is that because of too serious, I cannot relax down. Sometimes, my schoolmates need help, and I will be glad to help them, therefore they will think that I am very enthusiastic. Also, if something is very important to me, Iwill certainly do it with all my heart until I complete it.

    Before the Christmas holidays, teachers gave us homework, for example: the Mathematics Power Point. It needs many information. I would type without stop and sleep until a day is over. I know that this is not good for my health, therefore, I will improve my shortcoming diligently.

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