Blue Windows Warning Screen: What Does This Mean?

After turning on my computer and during the start up process, perhaps a minute into it, the screen goes to blue with this warning:


And of course it tells me if this is the first time I saw this message to uninstall any programs that I may have just added. It also says at the bottom that there is a physical memory dump in process.

I didn't add any programs and have no clue as to how what is going on. I was using Firefox at the time the computer locked up and when everything began to go haywire. I have Windows XP and the only way I can now use the computer is through Safe Mode.

Does anyone know how I can correct this problem? Is this part of a virus, a bug or something else?

If you can help, I would gladly accept any advice that you may have for me.

Thank You.

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    1 decade ago
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    This is called Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

    It appears when Operating System Crashes for some reason and it freezes the computer to prevent damage of your computer until you restart the computer by pressing the reset button.

    It is very difficult to say why this is occurred but you can check the following things for which BSD occurs....

    1) Hardware conflict

    2) Bad Ram

    3) BIOS settings

    4) Hard disk drives

    5) Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors

    6) Viruses

    7) Printers

    8) Software

    9) Overheating

    10) Power supply problems

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    That happens to me, but on the screen it has a message a bit like 0_000x00000. It means there is a virus on my computer. It might be a different type of virus. You need to reset your computer which means you have to download all programs to disks so that you can re-boot your computer without losing any data. That's if it IS a virus. Hope I've helped.

  • 4 years ago

    it is a foul script on the website you're viewing. you are able to turn off the warnings on your browser. In IE it is: procedures > information superhighway strategies > progressed tab Scroll right down to the surfing heading verify the two boxes for Disable Script Debugging Uncheck the only greater down for tutor friendly HTTP blunders messages click be conscious, then ok

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    Blue screen treatment, you can refer to

    1 restart

    2 new hardware detection of new services

    3 Trojan virus detected

    4 checks BIOS and hardware compatibility

    5 run "sfc / scannow" system to check whether documents have been replaced, and then use the installation disk to restore the system

    6 upgrade SP2 or SP3

    7 motherboard refresh virus infection

    8 BSOD were damaged, need to be replaced

    also you can google for other PC cleaner

    good luck

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    1 decade ago

    personally i think it is a fake blue screen and yes i think you have a bug. look for some really screwy looking files in your windows\system32 directory.

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