Peyton Manning CHOKES again!!! =D?

Manning has now compiled 22 TD's, 17 interception, and a mediocre mid eighties quarter back rating in 15 career playoff games. In addition, his post-season record has now dropped to 7 and 8. Is anybody else celebrating the demise of this overrated player too?

Oh... And for anybody who wants to rave about how it is a "team game," tell that to Peyton Manning who whined about his offensive line in a post-game interview after a playoff loss to the Steelers a few years back.


To #1 Colts Fan: Yeah... I watched the game. I watch on 3rd and 2 as Peyton failed to pick up a first down because he spent too long standing in the pocket when he KNEW the Chargers were blitzing and eventually got his @ss SACKED!!! In effect to somebody complaining about the officiating, I also happened to notice a Colts defender blatantly holding Chris Chambers as well as another Colts defender who nearly ripped Darren Sproles head off by grabbing him by the facemask. So yeah... Officiating? I would be more pissed off at the Colts D if you want to go there.

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    You have a good point. People keep on saying that I am crazy because "he" won a super bowl just a few seasons ago. If you actually watched the games you would know that he played like crap the entire playoffs and it was the defense that carried the team. 3TDs/7INTs in the 07' playoff run. He still chocked, but the defense had his back that time. It is highly unlikely that that would happen again and that is why they lost again tonight.

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    Technically every QB is a "system" QB. I would say that Manning is very lucky because unlike most QB's in the NFL, he hasn't had to deal with change. In Manning's 11 year career, even though their have been changes to the head coaching position, they have never changed any of the offensive coaches during that time and he has always been surrounded by Pro Bowl talent. Not having to deal with any change to the offensive coaching staff whatsoever has also helped him to call his own plays, something that other QB's like Favre, Brady, Brees, or Warner would be able to do if they too played under the same staff and system for 11 years. I'm not trying to say that Manning is a bad QB, but tell me one QB that has had the luxury of playing for only one offensive coaching staff and has never been surrounded by average or questionable talent on the offensive side of the football.

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    As a Steelers fan I fear no quarterback, at any time of the year, more than Peyton Manning. The guy can make all the throws, and he usually does. He usually has no defense so its tough for him to win when the weather is cold. Its also clear that he makes the players around him much better. Just ask Edgerin James. Hes one of the all time greats and you obviously dont watch very much football.

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    Well Favre only won one Super bowl and everyone loves him so Manning shouldn't worry he won't be a Marino.

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    THANK YOU for saying it. the colts dont suck. the chargers arent really that good. peyton just chokes. he does like every year even win they won the superbowl i personally think the defesne won it.

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    This question was put to bed when the Colts won Super Bowl XLI.

  • dude, you suck!! FUC*K YOU!!

    The only reason the colts lost is cuz the officials/refs won it for sd. did you even watch the gam?????

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    i'd take peyton on my team anyday.

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    i would have him play on my team in a heart beat!

  • it was inevitable.

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