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What is the difference between Anthropology and Sociology?

I'm considering studying either Anthropology or Sociology in college. I am not entirely sure of the differences between them, however. I know that anthropology covers some natural science aspects (i.e. archaeology, etc.). I am NOT interested in that, though. I am interested in the societal and cultural aspects...I know that Sociology covers political systems, some geography and economics, and religious groups. I am very interested in these topics. I am also greatly interested in philosophy and will probably double-major in Philosophy and either Anthropology or Sociology. Which would be more beneficial from a philosophical perspective? Please inform me on the differences between Anthropology and Sociology. I also like sociology since it deals with behavior, drawing from psychology. I just am looking for the broadest social science that covers issues like behavior, social functions and groups, religious and cultural institutions, politics and economics. Please help me

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    Anthropology is extremely boring cause you study people and stuff like archaeology. It could be cool if your professor is good, but i hated it.

    On the other hand, i would recommend Sociology because it is extremely resourceful in your everyday life and is very interesting.

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    It does not matter which you study as there are no jobs in either field unless you get a doctorate.

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