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help far cry 2 mission?

there is this mission 20% throuugh the game and where u have to save a captive from a slaughter house i open the door where he is being held and he still just sits there im really stuck and i was wondering can u cancelle mission maybe i could come back to it later thank you very much in futer!!!!

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    You can't cancel the mission, BUT what you can do is either go back to a previous save if you are saving multiple files. OR start over from the beginning(which is what I had to do).

    To get by this mission you have to NOT take the mission in the first place. NEVER take a mission from the guys standing in front of the two faction doors. In the first act of the game where you are, while not on any mission, just go to the Slaughterhouse and rescue her, you'll see the "Mission Objective Updated" pop up on the screen. Go back to either of the factions and you can now go in the building and get a real mission.

    The same thing will happen to you in the Second act of this game. Once you go to the faction and the guy outside the door(that checks your weapons) asks you to take a mission, just ignore it. Go immediately to the Sediko huts area, you'll find this Buddy Hostage in a Two story hut. You know it because the stairs look just like a plank going straight up. As soon as you get up there you'll here him talking behind the door. Save him and then you're game will progress.

    I just got to the last Act of this game last night, so I'm not sure if there is another bug in it to where I can save somebody, but at least I've figured out a work-around for it.

    ~~REMEMBER~~Don't take the missions from the guys outside the factions doors. They'll stick your game.

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    sorry cant help you

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