i really need some sincere advice..?

okay. i've been talking to a guy named jared. i met jared a few years ago at a party.. we became friends from that and he took care of me while i was drunk at a party a few weeks later. we started to sorta like each other after that but it just fell apart.. about 2 years went by since we talked, and he randomly left me a picture comment on myspace a few weeks ago..we started kinda talking again from that and on christmas day it started getting serious.. we were having deep conversations throughout the night & just getting closer.. we started hanging out a little and we had our first kiss on new years eve. everything seemed to be going great. he started doing all the sweet stuff and we started talking about having a relationship. jared always seemed like the sweet sensitive understanding type (you know, the kind of guy that actually has feelings) and i was really not skeptic about him, i was almost sure that this was the start of something real.. i had no doubts about him. well, last night we were supposed to hang out but we wound up going with our friends.. i texted him twice last night but he never answered me (which i could understand because i figured he was busy or maybe drunk or not by his phone) .. so this morning he called me and everything seemed fine.. he asked me what i was doing tonight and the regular normal talk we'd always have.. and it eventually turned into "i kinda have something to tell you".. so he told me that he had a bunch of people at his house lastnight and they all got drunk and him and this girl i know (a friend of mine) named dominic slept in the sam bed together.. he told me they didn't mess around and it was nothing..i asked if they cuddled and he said yeah.. i asked if they kissed and they said yeah.. i couldn't get that mad because me and jared don't actually have the whole "girlfriend/boyfriend title" yet, but i did act a little annoyed.. i wasn't really mad about it until i started asking him if he liked her.. things turned from "it was just a drunk night to him not sure who he wants to choose".. it started to hurt my feelings and i told him i'd just text him bc i had to leave.. so this is the text i sent him "jared. just tell me whats going on. if that was just a little drunk stupid thing i can understand and ill forgive you but i cant talk to you anymore if you don't know what you want. you assured me that you really liked me and that you wouldnt put me through the bullshit and i believed you but if it's a tough choice between me and dominic than shes all yours i wont settle for being an option"... so he never replied and he called me and we talked about it more but the conversation went nowhere.. he told me that dominic later found out that me and him had something going on so i guess she stepped back.. he then told me that he was going to take a shower and hed call me after, and i was like okay if you want.. and he was like yeah i do want to but hours passed and he never called.. i texted him and i was like "so i guess you took your pick" and he said "what are you talking about" and i said "nun" and he said "umm okay" and i said "you know what im talking about" and that was it.. i haven't talked to him since.. i got on myspace and changed my default pic (which was a picture of me and him) and when i got back on later he changed his too. and he went out to the hangar tonight (the hangar is a club) i want us to work this out.. he was so great.. i'm so hurt over this not only because i miss him but because this happens to me so much you'd think it's a joke. do i have bad luck or is it me thats doing something wrong? i'm sweet, easy to get along with, classy, not bad looking, and i'm not obsessive.. when guys break your heart over and over again you begin to wonder what area you need to change in..

but yea, i want him to call me.. should i text him and say ANYTHING else? what should I do on MY part? help :(

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  • A.O.D
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    wow long. i think you were right asking him if anything was going on with him and dominic. but he totally started to dig himself a hole when he said he didnt know who to choose. maybe he was playing hard to get? by the way it looks to be working out, maybe he's not everything you thought he was. history does repeat itself, and it looks as though you're repeating. maybe you wont talk for a while, then strike up a conversation and start over again; get another chance. personally, i think ya'll need to sit down and talk about everything that you've just said.

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    I'm a guy and the same thing always happens too me.. But you should never try to force things into working out cause that will most likely end up in more problems then you started with. I wouldn't suggest you starting to talk to him.

    Message me sometime. it always helps to talk to someone anonymous. lol

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