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Ach!! Kidney pain! Help!?

My kidney is killing me. I had a UTI but I could have sworn I killed it with cranberry juice. Suddenly, I have this stabbing kidney pain and I have to pee all the time and my stomach feels very heavy on my bladder. This is the second time in a year. WTF??!

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    You might need a bladder lift. (It sounds odd, yes, but it is real.)


    You may have kidney stones. Do you have any lower back (other than the stabbing) or lower abdominal pain?

    Get to the doctor. You need a cat scan.

    Also: You may have to pee a ton, but drink A LOTTTTTT of water!

    Best of luck.

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    I went through this 5 years ago. In the E.R telling the doc to take my kidney it hurt so bad! Lots of water! If you are sexually active be sure to go to the bathroom EVERYTIME you are done. wipe front to back and all that fun stuff. Most of all Drink alotta water! Thes sex thing is what helped me.....good luck

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    kidney stone? bladder infection

    Source(s): my husband
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