Can you create an interesting tale that includes most of these country songs for wordplay fun?

1) I'm So miserable Without You, It's Like Having You


2) Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

3) If I Had Shot You When I Wanted To, I'd Be Out By


4) Cowboy Take Me Away

5) He'll Have To Go

6) Hello Darlin

7) Help Me understand

8) If Tomorrow never comes

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    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1875

    Title for Matt and his Sunshine......"Another Day of Lovin' "

    Title for Miss Kitty....... “When You Say Nothing At All”

    ♫1) I'm So miserable Without You, It's Like Having You

    Here , you look like a buffalo and smell like a deer."♫

    Sunshine gaily sang her latest tribute to Miss Kitty as she tethered her horse and headed for Matt's office.

    She stopped at the door when she heard voices inside.

    Kitty:" 7) Help Me understand, Matt. Please explain why you left me for that numbskull from Virginia."

    Sunshine smiled as she stuck another stick of gum in her mouth.

    Matt:"Now Kitty. We've been through this time and again. I....I.....I never meant to hurt you....It's just...."

    Kitty:" Well you DID hurt me. You screwed my life to the wall!

    I've gained weight, lost interest in the Long Branch and we ALL rapidly becoming a helpless drunk!!!

    At this point, I couldn't care LESS 8) If Tomorrow never comes."

    Just as she inched closer to Matt, hoping to recapture the interest he once felt, Sunshine strolled in.

    Matt smiled as he stood up:"6) Hello Darlin'."

    Kitty cringed as she watched the smile on his face spread from ear to ear.

    Sunshine : "Sorry, Kitty....Matt's with me.....What can I say? "

    Kitty:"NOTHING!!!! You say it best when you say nothing at all !!!!"

    Sunshine burst out laughing and then turned her attention to the handsome lawman:

    " Helloooooooooo,baby!" As she ran to Matt's arms,jumping in the air and wrapping her legs around his middle, they lost their balance. Falling to the side, they bumped into Miss Kitty who was knocked out of her chair!

    With her bouffant askew and her dignity out the window, she picked herself off the floor. (Matt didn't help her, as he was too busy rebuttoning the shirt that Sunshine kept fooling with.)

    Kitty glared at Sunshine."Listen you moron from hades !!!! Matt and I were having an ADULT conversation before you made your usual insane entrance!!"

    Sunshine:" DON'T MOVE. I"LL KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!"

    She drew her gun and fired three shots .

    Kitty and Matt jumped so high,they collided.

    Kitty:"What in the #$!# is the MATTER WITH YOU ?!!!"

    Sunshine blew away the gunsmoke(hehe) and exclaimed:"There is a very large reddish rat by your foot."

    Kitty:"Ohhhhhh GAWD!!!" She picked up her hair extension and headed for the door.

    Matt did his best to stiffle his laughter as Kitty slammed the door behind her.

    Sunshine twirled her pistol, tossed it in the air and jutted out her right hip as it slid perfectly into her holster.

    Matt:"You never cease to amaze....and AMUSE me, sweetheart." He put his massive arms around her and gave her a quick hug.

    Sunshine,as we all know, would have preferred a long, drawn-out hug. "Ohhhhhh baby." Matt started to head back to his desk but she wouldn't let go.

    As he looked into her eyes, that old familiar fire began to race through his veins.

    Sunshine:" 4) Cowboy...... Take Me Away from here. "

    Matt:"Race you home!!!!"

    Like 2) Two Sparrows in a Hurricane , the two lovers ran outside and tore down Front Street on their horses.

    Kitty stood at the swinging doors of her saloon. With a glass of Randy Scouse Git Rotgut in one hand and her bullet-ridden hair extension in the other, she just shook her head, muttering to no one in particular:"3) If I Had Shot You When I Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now."


    Matt ........

    Sunshine ..........

    Miss Kitty ........

    P.S. I threw in one more country song title. Do you know what it is?"

    Hee Haw.

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    Hello darlin(6),help me understand(7).If tommorow never comes(8),he'll have to go(5),right?No?Listen,if i had shot you when i wanted to,i'd be out by now(3),but i'm so miserable right now,it's like having you here(1).You're coming back?Well,throw two sparrows in a hurricane(2),cowboy take me away(4)!!!

    that good?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hello, Silva. Two things. One, I've missed seeing you in the play pen. Two, titles (1) and (3) are priceless!

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