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People that have found their birthparents....?

What steps did you take to try to find them? I have been curious about looking for my birthmom but have little to know info about her. It hurts my parents especially my mother when i ask about it. My dad did say when i turned 18 he would help me to find her if i still wanted to. I didnt then but im 24 now and am starting to think about having a family of my own(husband and kids) and have some questions i would like answered. What are some good steps to start me out? Or is there somwhere i can go that is free or cheap? Thank to everyone who will answer


i was born in florida, miami dade hospital i think to be exact

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    Search and register at these successful registries:

    Then contact the State Dept of Health where you were born and ask about obtaining available information about your adoption. I can help with more specific guidance if you edit your Q to say which State. Six States now allow adoptees full access to their original birth record. Unfortunately the other 44 states still discriminate against adoptees and withold their records but this will change in time.

    I'm sorry your parents aren't open to discussing the issue. I hope they will realize that your shared history is not being taken away and they are not being replaced, you just want your truth and you have every right to the truth of your own origins


    Florida Adoption Reunion Registry

    Florida Department of Children and Families

    1317 Winewood Blvd.

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700

    (850) 488-8000 or (800) 962-3678

    Registration by written request only.

    Adoptee must supply current driver license and amended birth certificate.

    For a copy of a birth certificate, contact the Department of Vital Statistics:

    Source(s): American Adoptee in the UK
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    I am 26 now, and found my birthparents when I was 23. I was like you, and was curious because I wanted to start my own family. I lived in Canada, and I sent away to the provincial government for a copy of my Live Birth Record. That had the names of my birth parents on it. That was tricky, though, because women often get married and change their names. From here I'm not much help, because ironically, my birth mother ended up finding me right after I received my information about her! She had my new name, etc., and she ended up contacting my brother, who put her in contact with me.

    I know what you mean about the hurt with your parents. My mom especially was a little jealous and insecure. I have involved them in the process since I first thought about it and ran it by them. They said they knew that I would eventually want to - kind of comes with the territory. I was always honest and involved them, and also tried hard to make them feel like I wasn't look for other parents. I already had them! It helps that my birth mother is a crack nut... and I don't have contact with her or my birth father really either. But it was neat to meet them, and I have a half-sister that I am really close with now! Hope that helps, good luck and God bless!

    Source(s): My own similar experience.
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    I didn't know my father until a year ago. I asked my mom his name, which she gave me. So I got on social networking sites to see if his family members had online profiles. I also typed in his name on a background site, where I was provided ALL his information, including what kind of home he had, when he was married, what he made a year, and all methods of contact, and nearest neighbors. I found my dad this way, and I am sure there are other ways.

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