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What were all of the generals in the battle of gettysburg?

i know general George G. Meade, and General Robert E. Lee but i also need to know there divisons and the generals of those

thank you for helping

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    There were several generals, I'll try to list them. I won't go so far as to list brigade commanders, it would just be waaaaay to long.

    George Meade- Commander, Army of the Potomac

    John Reynolds- I Corps

    James Wadsworth- 1st Div., I Corps

    John C. Robinson- 2nd Div., I Corps

    Abner Doubleday-3rd Div., I Corps

    Winfield Scott Hancock- II Corps

    John. C. Caldwell-1st Div., II Corps

    John Gibbon- 2nd Div., II Corps

    Alexander Hays- 3rd Div., II Corps

    Daniel Sickles- III Corps

    David B. Birney- 1st Div., III Corps

    Andrew Humphreys- 2nd Div., III Corps

    (3rd Div., III Corps was left behind in Maryland)

    George Sykes- V Corps

    James Barnes- 1st Div., V Corps

    Romeyn Ayres- 2nd Div., V Corps

    Samuel Crawford- 3rd Div., V Corps

    John Sedgwick- VI Corps

    Horatio G. Wright- 1st Div., VI Corps

    Albion Howe- 2nd Div., VI Corps

    John Newton- 3rd Div., VI Corps

    Oliver O. Howard- XI Corps

    Francis Barlow- 1st Div., XI Corps

    Adolph von Steinwehr- 2nd Div., XI Corps

    Carl Shurz- 3rd Div, XI Corps

    Henry Slocum- XII Corps

    Alpheus Williams- 1st Div., XII Corps

    John Geary- 2nd Div., XII Corps

    (3rd Div. was never formed)

    Alfred Pleasonton- Cavalry Corps

    John Buford- 1st Div., Cavalry Corps

    Judson Kilpatrick- 2nd Div., Cavalry Corps

    David McMurtrie Gregg- 3rd Div., Cavalry Corps


    Robert E. Lee- Commander, Army of Northern Virginia

    James Longstreet- First Corps

    Lafayette McLaws- 1st Div., First Corps

    George Pickett- 2nd Div., First Corps

    John Bell Hood- 3rd Div., First Corps

    Richard S. Ewell- Second Corps

    Jubal Early- 1st Div., Second Corps

    Edward Johnson- 2nd Div., Second Corps

    Robert Rhodes- 3rd Div., Second Corps

    Ambrose Powell Hill- Third Corps

    Richard Anderson- 1st Div., Third Corps

    Henry Heth- 2nd Div., Third Corps

    William Dorsey Pender- 3rd Div., Third Corps

    James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart- Cavalry Division

    Wade Hampton- 1st Brig., Cavalry Division

    Fitzhugh Lee- 2nd Brig., Cavalry Corps

    Albert G. Jenkins- 3rd Brig., Cavalry Corps

    John R. Chambliss- 4th Brig., Cavalry Corps

    Yep, I think that's pretty much all of the major commanders of the battle. Hope this helps.

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    So look them up, Einstein....

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