how do you say these phrases in different languages?

1. what language is this?

2. it's english/spanish/chinese/mandarin/italian/french

3. here you go!

4. what is this?

5. get me a drink.

6. can i ask you something?

7. i have a question.

8. i want to go to spain.

9. what are you doing?

10. is this right?

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  • Kelly
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Che lingua è questa? (kay LEEN-gwah eh KWEH-sta)

    2. È l'inglese / lo spagnolo / il cinese / il mandarino / l'italiano... (eh een-GLEH-zeh / loh span-YO-lo / eel chee-NEH-zeh / eel man-dah-REE-noh / lee-tah-LYAH-no)

    3. Ecco! ("echo")

    4. Cos'è questo? (ko-ZEH KWEH-sto)

    5. Prendami una bevanda. (PREN-dah-mee OO-nah beh-VAN-dah)

    6. Posso chiederti qualcosa? (POH-soh KYEH-dehr-tee kwal-KO-zah)

    7. Ho una domanda. (oh OO-na doh-MAN-dah)

    8. Voglio andare in Spagna. (VOH-lyo an-DAH-reh een SPAHN-yah)

    9. Che fai? (kay fy)

    10. È giusto questo? (eh JOO-stoh KWEH-sto)

    Yes, it really does say "oh" instead of "ho" for number seven. You don't pronounce Hs in Italian.

    @ ragazzo: Si, grazie. Ho visto la tua risposta e mi ho detto "Ma porca la miseria, l'ho fatto un'altra volta!" xD

    Source(s): Been studying Italian for seven years, now.
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  • 1 decade ago


    1, Mitä kieltä tämä on?

    2. Se on englantia/espanjaa/kiinaa/mandariinikiinaa/italiaa...

    3. Ole hyvä!

    4. Mikä tämä on?

    5. Anna minulle juoma.

    6. Voinko kysyä sinulta jotakin?

    7. Minulla on kysymys.

    8. Tahdon mennä Espanjaan.

    9. Mitä teet?

    10. Onko tämä oikein?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    1. Una uqauhirmik huna? (This is language of what?)

    2. Qablunaatut/Supanisitut/Kuinasitut

    Maannariintut/Itaaliintut-tuq (-tuq means 'it is'')

    3. Uvvagit! (here you! literally you are here!)

    4. Una huna? (this is what?)

    5. imiqtaannga (drink-get-me literally give me a drink)

    6. Apiqsuqtuulluaqpagin? (Ask-something-can-I-you)

    7. Apiqsuqaqpunga ( Ask-have-I)

    8. Supainmik aniliarumavunga (Spain-go to-want-I) OR

    (Supainmuarumavunga) (Supain-go to-want-I)

    9. huvin?

    10. ahuilaq?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In Greek

    1. Ποιά γλώσσα είναι αυτή;

    2. Είναι αγγλικά/ισπανικά/κινέζικα/ιταλικά...

    3. Ορίστε!

    4. Τι είναι αυτό;

    5. Δώσε μου ένα ποτό.

    6. Μπορώ να σε ρωτήσω κάτι;

    7. Έχω μια ερώτηση.

    8. Θέλω να πάω στην Ισπανία.

    9. Τι κάνεις

    10. Είναι σωστό αυτό;

    PS. "Mandarin" in Greek is a fruit not a language so i didn't edited it above.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i can answer that in TAGALOG (Philippines):

    1.) Anong lenguwahe ito?

    2.) Ito ay Ingles/Espanyol/Intsik/Mandarin/Italiano

    3.)heto ka na naman!

    4.)Ano ito?

    5.) Bigyan mo ako ng maiinum.

    6.) Pwede bang humingi ng pabor?

    7.) May tanong ako.

    8.) Gusto kong Pumunta sa Spanya.

    9.) Anong ginagawa mo?

    10.) Tama ba ito?

    Source(s): mary ann
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  • carnet
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    3 years ago

    Hum aik khoon kay hain, tum aur significant. it truly is Urdu. And hindi is spoken in fact in India it is truly not from now on a straightforward language worldwide. Urdu is between the biggest appreciably discovered is spoken and understood in truly plenty all of asia yet no person different than indians is conscious of hindi. and chinese language is likewise no longer listed in ur record. how cud u overlook approximately 2 optimal straightforward languages???

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    1. ¿Qué idioma es este?

    2. Es inglés/español/chino/mandarín/italiano...

    3. ¡Aquí tienes!

    4. ¿Qué es este/esta?

    5. Consiguéme una bebida.

    6. ¿Te puedo preguntar algo?

    7. Tengo una pregunta.

    8. Quiero ir a España.

    9. ¿Qué estás haciendo?

    10. ¿Es verdad? or ¿Es correcto/a?

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  • Ana Ca
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    1 decade ago


    1. Какой это язык?

    Kah-kói éh-toh ya-zík

    2. Это английский/ испанский/ китайский/ мандарин/ итальянский...

    Eh-toh angli-i-skeey/ ees-pán-skeey/ kee-tái-skeey/ mandarín/ eeh-tah-lián-skeey

    (But Chinese and Mandarin is the same... It's better to say just Chinese)

    3. На! or Вот!

    Nah! / Vot!

    4. Что это?

    Shtoh éh-toh?

    5. Принеси мне напиток.

    Preeh-ne-seeh mneh nah-peeh-tok

    6. Могу я у тебя кое-что спросить?

    Moh-gooh ya ooh te-biá koh-eh-shtoh sproh-seeh-ti?

    7. У меня есть один вопрос.

    Ooh me-niá esti oh-din vop-ros

    8. Хочу (поехать) в Испанию.

    Hoh-choo (poh-eh-hah-ti) v Ees-pah-nee-u

    /You can say with поехать o without it/

    9. Что ты делаешь?

    Shtoh ty deh-lah-esh

    10. Это правильно? or Это верно?

    Eh-toh prah-veel-noh? / Eh-toh ver-noh?


    1. ¿Qué idioma es este?

    2. Es inglés/ español/ chino/ mandarín/ italiano...

    3. ¡Aquí tienes!

    4. ¿Qué es esto?

    5. Consiguéme una bebida.

    6. ¿Te puedo preguntar algo? or ¿Puedo preguntarte algo?

    7. Tengo una pregunta.

    8. Quiero ir a España.

    9. ¿Qué estás haciendo? or ¿Qué haces?

    10. ¿Es correcto?


    1. Jaký je to jazyk?

    2. Je angličina/ španělšina/ činština/ ... / italský jazyk

    3. Tady je ...

    4. Co je to?

    5. Přinesi mi napoj.

    6. Mohu se tě na nečo zeptat?

    7. Mám otázku.

    8. Chtel (chtela **for femenine**) bych jit do Španělska.

    9. Co dělaš?

    10. Je to správné?

    "j" is y, like German "j"

    c = ts

    ch = h

    ě = ie

    š = sh

    č = ch

    ž = French J

    ř = rzh R y ZH together

    á,é,ý,í.......are long sounds.

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  • 1 decade ago

    um in Greek its: (latin letters are below it)

    1.ποια γλώσσα είναι αυτη?

    pyia glossa ine afti?

    2.είναι αγγλικά/ισπανικά/κινεζικά/μανταρίνι/ιταλικά/ελληνικά

    ine aglika/ispanika/kinezika/mandarini/italika/elinika

    3.hmm not really sure about that one but i usually say

    Nato or edo ine

    4.τι είναι αυτό?

    ti ine afto?

    5. θα μου δώστε ένα ποτό (formal) (close as i can get ;[[ )

    μου δινεις ένα ποτό (informal)

    tha moo thoste** ena poto?

    moo dinis ena poto?

    6. μπορώ να σας ρωτήσω κάτι (formal)

    μπορώ να σε ρωτήσω κάτι (informal)

    boro na sas rotiso kati?

    boro na se rotiso kati?

    7. έχω μια ερώτηση.

    eho mia erotisi

    8. θέλω να πάω στην Ισπανία

    thelo na pao stin Ispania

    9. τι κανεις?

    ti kanis?

    10.αυτό είναι σωστό?

    afto ine sosto?

    ** the th in δώστε/δινεις is similar to the english sound we make for the word though, think of it as being a quick -tho- sound

    hope this helps!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, don't give msgeowiz best answer because he used an online translator for all those and i know that the italian part has mistakes.

    here it is in correct italian, by me a native speaker:

    1. Quale lingua è? (KWAH-leh LEEN-gooah EH)

    2. E' l'inglese/lo spagnolo/il cinese/il mandarino/l'italiano... (EH leen-GLEZ-eh/loh span-YO-lo/eel cheen-EZ-eh/eel man-dar-EE-no/lee-tal-eeAH-no)

    3. Ecco! (EC-co)

    4. Che cos'è questo? (keh coz-EH KWEH-sto)

    5. Prendimi (qualcosa) da bere. ('Qualcosa' is not really vital here. it means 'something'. but you can cut to 'da bere', if you want. you will still be understood. also, if talking to a bar tender, replace 'prendimi' with 'mi prenda'. (mee PREN-dah)) (PREN-dee-mee (kwal-COZ-ah) dah BEH-reh)

    6. Ti posso chiedere qualcosa? (for formality, change 'ti' to 'Le' (leh).) (tee POS-so kee-EH-dehr-eh kwal-COZ-ah)

    7. Ho una domanda. (oh OO-nah do-MAN-dah)

    8. Voglio andare in Spagna. (VOL-yo and-AR-eh een SPAN-yah)

    9. Cosa fai? (COZ-ah faye)

    10. E' giusto/a questo/a? (EH joo-sto/ah KWEH-sto/ah)

    EDIT: @ kelly, IN spagna, non a spagna. IN for countries and states. A only for cities, ok?;)

    EDIT: kelly, non fa niente. il resto c'hai preso!

    Source(s): native italian ogni senso.
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