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Are marine officers considered marines?

I really want to be a marine but would like to go the officer route so i can finish college. Some people say that marine corps officers aren't really marines they are just leaders of marines, is this true? Aren't 2nd LT's in the trenches with their men? I just want to make sure i would be considered a marine.

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    An officer is a Marine's Marine. You set the example and the standard. You are a Marine good enough to lead the world's finest. For this reason, you have to make it through college, Officer Candidates School, and then the Basic School. All good combat leaders lead their men from the best vantage point to bring the most hurt on the enemy - no matter where that is.

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    EVERY individual that attends Marine Corps Boot Camp, whether it is Parris Island, San Diego, or Quantico, and who is authorized to wear the Eagle Globe and Anchor is a Marine.

    Yes, it is true that they are leaders of Marines, yet in order to lead a Marine, you need to be a Marine.

    Once your Instructor at OCS hands you your uniforms, and you finish the graduation ceremony, then you are a part of the Brotherhood, and may call yourself a Marine.

    Semper Fi

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    A Marine is a Marine, is a Marine, from the newly graduated recruit to the Commandant of the Corps. Semper FI.

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    Officially, they're Marines... but in the trenches... that depends. I've been in units with commanders sharing in all the fun. I've also been in units where LTs avoid the trenches like it's... well... the trenches.

    There's a lot of grey area with job specifics in the corps.

    Who's 'just' a leader of Marines?

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    As an officer in the Marine Corps i'm a sprint biased. i locate that Marine Officer tend to be very psychological and particularly professional. To be an officer in at the instant's protection stress you may choose to be politically and socially enlightened. through technologies the widely used provider member to day is greater plugged into worldwide affairs, it is actual of the two officers and enlisted. yet to steer you may comprehend and have the potential to steer your subordinates. Your troops will ask problematical questions and you will have the potential to offer knowledgeable and nicely counseled solutions. you apart from mght could supply ethical practise to your troops via placing an excellent occasion by using your words and strikes. you may't try this once you're a low-existence. i do no longer know approximately the different amenities, yet our education for youthful officers is honestly approximately integrity. Marines even have the longest education pipeline for youthful officers. i do no longer think of the different provider has something to learn with the uncomplicated college. i do no longer know the form you define psychological. we don't unavoidably sit down around after hours debating philosophy, yet we do spend many long hours coming up and education our subordinates. i do no longer think of there's a greater professional team of persons than the Marine Corps officer Corps.

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    Where do people come up with such things? YES, a Marine officer is most definitely a Marine. Case closed.

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    yes they are called the leaders of Marines but thats cause they are however anyone that has ever had the priviledge of wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is and always will be a Marine

    so yeah they are

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    They are Marines.

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    Of course they are

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